Zera Food Recycler: Turns Waste Food Into Fertilizer

The Zera Food Recycler offers many unique features, which means that it exceeds what the competitors provide. The Zera Food Recycler allows people to reduce the carbon footprint in a hassle-free and convenient way.

Unlike some other composting processes that might take several months and require manual labour, the Zera Food Recycle Can provides ready to use fertilizer within 24-hours and to start the process, you will just need to press a single button on your smartphone. It will decompose everything apart from the pits and bones. The manufacturer offers Zera Additive pack to help with the decomposition.

Furthermore, the product does not attract any wildlife or insect to your house, which is the case to expect with the composted food waste. In other words, you can sprinkle the fertilizer in your backyard without having to worry about rats getting into your house.

The zera recycling process involves three steps

zera compost machine

Start by adding the food waste

To start adding food to the recycler, you just need to slide the lid open and place the Zera Additive Pack in the can. Continue to add your daily food waste until the container is full – that can take roughly 7 days depending on the capacity of your bin.

Proceed and press the “Start” button

After the recycle bin is full, you just need to close the lid and press the “Start” button on the control panel. You can also do that remotely using the Companion smartphone application. Wait for the transformation process to end.

Use the resulting fertilizer in your backyard

The product provides you with ready to use Zera fertilizer within 24 hours. To start using the fertilizer, you just need to remove the bin’s output bin and spread the content on your garden, lawn or the outdoor potted plants. The process is that simple.

Here are the key features to expect with the Zera Food Recycling machine.

zera food recycle

Lightweight and space efficient

The product comes in a small but sizeable size. It measures 11 inches by 22 inches by 33.75 inches. Its weight stands at 118.6 pounds, which should sound light. It is an eco-friendly-driven solution for the viability and home use. In other words, you will require a smaller space to complete the installation. If you need something that is small, light and effective, it is worth of consideration.

High-tech product compatible with your smartphone

Whirlpool made a mobile application that runs on both Android and Apple smartphones. The Android and iOS compatible application provides the users with the comfort they need to manage the food recycling processes remotely. The application notifies the user of every step in the Zera food disposal process.

Most Zera Compost Machine reviews shows that the can is interesting and intelligent and will transform your experience when it comes to handling food waste materials. Most people see it as a game changer and it is attracting many users. It has outsmarted the competitors in the market and soon it might be in control.

According to the manufacturer, the compost machine can recycle a whole week’s food waste within 24 hours and the process is fully automated. With the smartphone application, you can recycle 99 percent of your food waste by tapping a few buttons. The can does not recycle pits and bones but any other food waste will provide you with fertilizer to use when planning in your garden.

With the child-safety control mechanism lock, you should not expect any difficulties when it comes to protecting your kids at home. The system minimizes the chances of the system messing your kids and will keep the device from any unnecessary interferences. You can manage the zera waste disposal remotely.

Intuitive technical provisions

Considering that the Zera Waste Disposal Machine comes with a control panel, it is a unique device in its own class. The control panel allows you to start, pause or stop the composting process. You can also set it to send you notifications through the companion app relating to the decomposition process. The manufacturer incorporates a Mixing Motor that will turn the mixing blade to start processing any available food waste.

In addition to the heat and blade, the manufacture also supplies the Zera Additive separately. The additive churns and breaks the food scraps down into simple form. The Zera Filter HEPA or carbon filter will filter the air in your home continuously. The product has introduced a purposeful renovation to the food waste recycling world. It is an eco-friendly way of handling your kitchen waste.

The Zera Compost Machine works efficiently to reduce food wastage in your home. Therefore, most Zera Food Recycler reviews have recommended it. Here are some of the features that enable it to provide great results.

Zera trash can Efficiency

The Zera food recycler is effective and efficient. In fact, you will need a little space in addition to less time and work to recycle a lot of food waste. Imagine recycling the amount of food waste you gather in a whole week in less than 24 hours – that should sound interesting. The recycler will provide you with fertilizer that you can start using immediately within that period.

The designers made the zera waste disposal in a way that it will facilitate faster composting. It uses a combination of moisture, heat and oxygen to break down the food waste. After that, it mixes them to quicken the decomposition.

The can is very simple and after purchasing it, you will never go for the expensive fertilizers. It is time saving and efficient; you will never worry about the long composting periods again. The composting process ends within a few hours so that you can use the fertilizer when you need it most.


With a single Zera Food Recycler, you will manage to recycle your daily food waste for a long time. The manufacturer uses high quality materials to ensure that it works efficiently. By maintaining and servicing it properly, you will be able to keep it running for many years.


The Zera Waste Can is available in the market and you can get it either through the online stores or from the local physical stores. You just need to log into your Amazon account and go for it directly. People in Canada and the United States are currently enjoying free delivery services.


If you want to go digital when it comes to food waste management, the Zera Food Recycler is a perfect choice. With the product, you will never see the food as a waste – you will see it as utility to transforming your experience in agriculture. It is ideal for any modern home.

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