Meet Xiaomi Yi Erida Faster Turbo Tricopter Drone with Aerial 4K camera …

It is a few years ago when Yi Technology made a very stunning announcement. Through a press release, this technological company announces that it is releasing a drone that the world will look at with awe.

Tue to the words of the press statement, the company releases the Yi Erida drone.  In order to utilize both the cameras and expertise, Yi and Atlas Dynamics are ready to team together to see that Yi Erida remains the world’s number one tricopter. You may, however, ask, what is a drone?

Put simply, a drone is a robot that flies like an airplane. It is unmanned. Although there are people who use sophisticated software from the ground to direct it, it is easy to say that it is unmanned because there is usually nobody inside the drone to respond to the direction or prompts from a remote software.

Characteristics of The Xiaomi Yi Erida

Many things separate Yi Erida drone from the rest of its competitors. Here are some of the things that you will only find in this drone:

Speed, Strength, and Weight

The Xiaomi Yi Erida drone is very distinctive from the rest of the drones that you know. Apart from being that the drone has a lot of heat, this type has major heat.

Yi Erida body is so light than major airplanes, even the Boeing. On a sharp contrast, the body of the Yi-Erida is much stronger compared to those of conventional drones or airplanes. In fact, five times stronger than those made of steel.

On speed, Yi Erida is so far one of the fastest drones in the market. It has the ability to move at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.  When launching it a few years ago, this drone was able to fly a staggering 40 minutes.


Atlas Dynamics is keen not to lose focus when designing this drone. It is as if engineers in this company take every moment of their life to study different drones. For this reason, Xiaomi Yi Erida is portable.

It is easy to carry it in your backpack. Although you need a large backpack to carry it, not many drones on the market can fit even in the largest backpack.

With the Xiaomi Yi Erida, it is possible because the two arms are foldable.

Removable Camera

Can you imagine how members of a drone can be in an event that it loses track? Chances are that you cannot salvage anything. It will crash, never to save a thing. With the Xiaomi Yi Erida, you may be able to salvage the camera.

It is true that the current Xiaomi Yi Erida is a beta version. When the complete product comes out, it will include among other things, a removable camera. This means that if you decide that there are no photos from a trip, you can remove the camera. Besides, it also saves money because there are other harsh conditions that can affect the camera lens.

Nobody really knows why Atlas Dynamics decides that the camera is a removable type but there are chances that engineers also consider transportation. They do not want the camera to protrude during transportation while other components such as the wings are in a fold.

Speaking of the removable camera, it is important to note that Yi 4k camera seems to be working better on this Xiaomi Yi Erida drone. It is true that the drone is compatible with other latest cameras but Yi 4k works best.

This 4k action camera has an amazing ability. With this camera, it is possible to record up to 4K videos that are up to 60fps. To ensure that the videos stable, engineers of the Xiaomi Yi Erida fix the camera to a strong 3-axis glimbal.

Xiaomi Yi Erida App

You can see from the start of this write-up that Xiaomi Yi Erida uses remote software to operate. The software uses an app. The floor of this Xiaomi Yi Erida drone has a red laser. You can find it underneath the frame.

Typically, the red laser controls the altitude. The final product will include many quality features that will safeguard the drone such as the ability to avoid obstacles.

It is easy to control the Xiaomi Yi Erida thanks to the user-friendly and highly responsive app. You can use it on a Smartphone. Alternatively, there is a joystick style control. However, engineers are still working towards finalizing the latter controlling mechanism.

Other Features

Although it may look big and clumsy to carry to other people, the fact that it weighs only 2.1 lbs is relaxing. Besides, it does not consume a lot of energy. Xiaomi Yi Erida uses a 14.8V 6700mAh Lithium battery. Once the battery is flat, you will only need 1.5 hours to recharge it fully.

On a Wi-Fi of between 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz, you can fly Xiaomi Yi Erida 5 miles away. This Wi-Fi speed is equivalent to P4P.

Xiaomi Yi Erida comes with a motor of 900kV, which operates on temperatures that are between -15 degrees Celsius and 40 degree Celsius.

You do not need to worry about the quality and durability of the body and that of the propellers. Engineers ensure that they use carbon fiber, the lightest yet durable material for such products. With the length of 12 feet, the propellers ensure the Xiaomi Yi Erida drone balances without a challenge when on air.

How To Control Xiaomi Yi Erida

While for now, it seems complicated to operate the Xiaomi Yi Erida, it is not as hard as you may think. After all, the final product of the Xiaomi Yi Erida will only need you to have a Smartphone. This is where you will need to install the app.

You can easily switch the drone to the landscape mode. The interesting part of flying this is that while you will operate the drone remotely, you have different flight modes. They include:

  • Focus.
  • Orbit.
  • Random.
  • Free flight.
  • Beam.
  • Mission mode.


The Xiaomi Yi Erida is the best drone that engineers are earnestly working on to ensure it meets the modern technology. With a 4k camera fixed to a firm 3-axis grip, you do not have to worry about the quality of videos. You are sure of quality and durability thanks to the carbon fiber. In the end, you will not have a problem transporting it.

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