The World’s Most Expensive Video Games Ranked For All Time

Video games developers spend a lot of money and time to create just a single game and market it. For several years, video games have been a craze. Kids, regardless of their age, love the games and adults are using them as a way of passing their free time. Perhaps, you already know of the video games you love. Most of the games have been a key source of entertainment in most homes. The games in the market today are very different from those that were in the market one decade ago but they serve the same purpose. Here are some of the most expensive video games in the market today.

Grand Theft Auto 5

The cost of the Grand Theft Auto 5 stood at $265 million, which means that it is among the world’s costliest game but uniquely designed video games of all times. After the release of the Grand Theft Auto IV, all people were curious that the developer would release a follow up version. But after a long period of expectations and many months of adjournment, another version came into being and it was exactly what people were expecting. The developer redesigned the game for Xbox One and PlayStation in 2014 – one year after they launched in the year 2013. The re-mastered version enhanced the graphics. The game boasts three dissimilar characters, which the developer entwins into one storyline. Within the first 24 hours after its launch, the GTA V earned $800 million.

Stars War: The Old Republic

At over $200 million, the Star Wars: The Old Republic is not only among the most popular multiplayer most costly game but it is also among the most expensive. Most people were wondering what Bio Ware had in store for them before the release of this video game. The game is sprawling, which continues after the period of harmony between the Sith Empire and the Republic. The video game offers two divides and you can join any of the two divides conveniently depending on the character you would want to play. One of the divide is evil while the other one is good. After the release, the game received over one million subscribers in the first three days.

Grand Theft Auto IV

The cost of the Grand Theft Auto IV was over $100 million. However, the game has remained one of the outstanding open action games in the world and one of the world’s most expensive game in the market today. The game entered the market on April 2008 and the developer targeted the PlayStation 3 and Xbox console. It is a single player war veteran, Niko Bellic, and his many attempts to forget about his past life. The players have to play the Grand Theft Auto IV from a third point perspective. After its release, people considered its graphics to be among the best. Most of the players gave it at over 9.5.

Red Dead Redemption

To come up with the Red Dead Redemption, the producers spent around $100 million. The video game that features an open worldwide setting entered the market in the year 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 consoles. The person behind the game Rockstar San Diego and Rockstar Games are the producers. The action-adventure game hit the chats in addition to receiving a VGX Award nomination as the Game of the Year. Red Dead Redemption featured at the beginning of the 20th century.

Tomb Raider (2013)

The Tomb Raider (2013) is another video game that entered the world of gaming in 2000s. In the creation part of this game, the developers spent over $100 million. The developers behind it include Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix, Core Design and Ubisoft. The publishers include Eidos Interactive, Nokia, Square Enix and Ubisoft. With the game, the developers were able to explore the powerful and more determined start of Lara Croft’s story.

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 featured a third person shooter, but that might not be what made it an over $100 million game. Rockstar Studios industrialized the game after the release on May 2012. Today, this game has remained is exclusive for Mac OS, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3. Due to its fame, the game the game received VGX Award nomination, in particular due to the song the developers used. The developers sold over 3 million copies in one week after the launch.

Too Human

The Too Human game is worth $100 million too. It has ranked in many places as one of the most expensive games that have entered the world of gaming. Released in the year 2008, the amazing video game offers an alternate future world. Its more captivating aspect is that it takes a full page from the Norse mythology. In Too Human, the Norse Gods are androids. Baldur is the player seen as Too Human. Considering that Baldur is not like android, he is too human.


The Defiance video game is worth $80 million and has always ranked among the most expensive games in the world. The Defiance game features action playing role and a third person shooter. Human Head Studios and the Trion Worlds developed it for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3. The mass multiplayer on-line game (MMO) encountered several delays that increased its cost.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, worth $200 million, entered the market in the year 2009 and is still standing as one of the most expensive video games. The first person gun-blazing warfare game is made for PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. Most of the available gaming websites have been admiring this state-of-art game. The praise of the game stemmed from the built-in multiplayer feature. In fact, it sold roughly 4.7 million reproductions in a period of 24 hours after the launch.

Air Raid

The number of Air Raid copies sold on 10th April 2010 might not be important for now but what sounds interesting is that each copy sold for $31,600. Atari put it out in the year 1982. The shoot them up game designed for Atari 2600 was limited in distribution, which means that most people were searching for it on each day of the week. In 2011, another copy entered the market, but it was a partial copy of the game. Finally, the most expensive game in the world sold for $33,433.30.

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