Wiki Buy Review: What is WikiBuy | Is wikibuy spyware?

The hassle of getting the best deals for a particular product online can be time-consuming for many people especially now we have several e-commerce platforms with similar products displayed but at different prices. WikiBuy’s entry into the shopping scene has made the exercise an easy task for online shoppers. But you can still go ahead and ask yourself, what is wikibuy? If you don’t know, let me give you a clue. Wikibuy is an online platform that gives price comparison for various e-commerce platforms and thereafter provides the best prices and deals for online shoppers.

Online shopping is now hassle-free with the availability of the Wikibuy browser extension and its additional option as an app for mobile users. You can now easily get better deals and coupon codes from multiple sellers on Amazon, eBay and related platforms with inclusivity of other relevant things that will save you some money. Online price comparison sites are not something new in the e-commerce industry but the innovation behind Wikibuy makes it stand out from others due to its operation as a chrome extension with its utilization extremely free to the users.

The unique thing about the Wikibuy extension is that it saves you money and at the same time it is easy to use. Once you install the extension of Wikibuy the platform automatically starts to compare prices and deals on all the e-commerce platforms you may like to do shopping. A better example is when you want to buy an item on either Amazon or eBay, what Wikibuy does for you is that it will automatically scrub the internet for the best price of that item and also it will search for any available coupon codes that can be used during purchase.

The platform comes with unique features that include and not limited to checkouts, a good way that allows buyers to do shopping without login to their accounts, forms filling and not letting the e-commerce platforms know your private information. An extra feature is available for order tracking, money-back guarantee and the best gift for online shoppers which is loyalty rewards. The functionality of these features gives users the trust on the Wikibuy platform, hence the user will be tempted to try out the application or the web extension.

The service is completely free for users, and the innovators of the platform make money by referring the buyers to sellers. It is very rear to find unknown redirects from the Wikbuy extension.

Wikibuy Features

The platform provides online shoppers with different features that make the experience a lot easier.

Universal product search

This is the best feature with Wikibuy since it gives an opportunity to get any item you want at a cheaper price form the comfort of your desk and PC. It has the capability to track the best price and even with added coupon code from the e-commerce platforms that will allow you to save some money.

Featured Offers of Wikibuy.

Some e-commerce platforms enter into an agreement with Wikibuy to feature some products at discounted prices. This gives shoppers an opportunity to buy products at a slightly lower price than the current market price. I do not think you can forfeit such offers when they present themselves.

Is Wikibuy really free? : Coupon Codes

If you are an online shopper then you must have a glimpse of coupon codes, but the hassle to get a legitimate code is another story worth not to waste your time on Google to get the codes and later you find they don’t work for the e-commerce platform you may want to buy from. Wikibuy makes that task easier for you. The platform tracks the codes and authenticates them for use while you shop online.

Is wikibuy safe? Is wikibuy spyware?

Every internet user should always ask whether any platform they pay a visit on Google is safe for their PC. Is wikibuy safe? The answer is yes. The reason why wikibuy remain legitimate, it has the capability to track personal data, it tracks the relevant information to make it an easy exercise for buyers to locate coupons when they do their shopping online. Based on their chrome extension which is backed by Google, it adds more security to users.

Your personal private information will be safe due to the surety of all the collected personal information that will not be disclosed to third parties and the site does not have ads or other links for redirection which makes the site distinct from other free apps price comparison sites.

Pros and cons

You may be begging to know what is wiki buy’s advantage and disadvantage. Let me give a snippet of what the users are going to experience. The benefits include and not limited to money-saving via its capability to compare prices and giving you the best of all the listed, it is extremely free, you will enjoy more coupons and it will also provide you with order tracking.

On the other hand, you must understand anything with an advantage it must have a disadvantage coming with it. Wikibuy’s disadvantage includes and not limited to user privacy issues, not all browsers are available and sometimes when you miss the coupon the feeling is like you wasted a lot of time.


If you’re a resident of the US then you must pay a visit to Wikibuy chrome browser extension since its innovation will save you some good cash and it is an efficient platform that boosts the online shopping experience. The pro and cons are always there for any new software developed but for Wikibuy there is nothing that can hinder its effective performance so far.

The good thing about Wikibuy is that it comes both as a chrome extension and as an app which makes your shopping experience more enjoyable since you can easily get the app installed on your phone and you enjoy saving money as you shop while on the walk. Wikibuy is a free site and app and due to its legitimacy, it guarantees the safety of your personal information.

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