What Is OpenAL App? Is It Safe To Uninstall OpenAL?

OpenAL is short for Open Audio Library. It is a multiple computing application programming interface designed to offer efficient multichannel and 3-D position audios. The software is owned by Creative Technology but was developed by Loki Software. 

OpenAL interface is freeware and a default program in your computer system. It enhances high-end games, creative audio cards, and all 3D audio application programming. With the application, you can indulge in exciting audio effects as you play your games on multiple platforms. Some of the games that use OpenAL include Alien Flux, Legends, Desert 2, and many more.  

 Is it safe to uninstall OpenAL?

OpenAL is a great interface for your computer. It perfects your audio quality by making it have different effects that are exciting to listen to. The only problem with it is that it causes conspicuous errors when you are opening files with many graphics, especially high-end games. Openal does not harm your computer system. 

You can choose to stick with it for game enhancement or uninstall it. The only problem is that your gaming audio and video quality may not be as optimized as it would with OpenAL. The uninstalling process is smooth, meaning that your device system will be safe, so it is safe to uninstall OpenAL.

What is openal on my computer?

You have just seen OpenAL on your computer installed programs list. Your biggest concern is that you do not remember installing such an app. There is no cause for alarm. The first point to note about OpenAL is that you didn’t install it. You don’t also have to worry about malware. It is not one of that spyware that eats up your data. 

OpenAL app is the default meaning that if you just opened or installed a gaming app, that’s why it is showing on your computer. Default programs open whenever you open certain programs that have related functions. In this case, you installed a game app. That is why OpenAL was automatically installed. Most graphics drivers add it to graphics cards so that when you install the card, the driver gets updated automatically. 

In most instances, you may not know that your computer has the app until you add in a new graphics card. The goodness is that it will not harm your system. 

As we discussed earlier, the default application program is installed automatically to enhance your 3D audio qualities in your gaming activities. It does so by adding real simulations to the game. The software primarily made audios better, especially if you perform in an environment with poor sound intensity. 

With Openal, Doppler effects are added to your audio, which changes frequency due to motion. In the end, you enjoy your games since they have a better and clear sound background. An example is if you are a video editor, you will need perfect audio quality to enhance your video. That is where the work of OpenAL steps in. 

OpenAL will allow you several sources of sound to play in a 3D space. That will determine the sound volume required by each speaker to generate special effects automatically. With OpenAL, you will be able to sample playbacks and their volume effects. As a video auditor, you have to control the sound output. 

That is what OpenAL will do for you. It will deal with the context, sources, buffers, device, and the listener. The program will remove any missing quality and give your file a perfect sound effect. You may not be a video editor, but you need OpenAL when indulging in your favorite games.  

Pros of having OpenAL on your computer

  • The software is free API, and it integrates well with other applications without hitches.
  • With OpenAL, you can program EAX effects.
  • The app improves your game’s audio and video quality.

 Cons of OpenAL in your computer

  •  Creates loop sound and is difficult to control volume and sound pitch.
  • Not all devices and games support the app.
  •  OpenAL plays multiple sounds at a go.

What is OpenAL used for?

OpenAL is a computer application programming interface (API) used to enhance gaming audio and video quality by adding special effects. It is equivalent to a sound manager that ensures that the sound output is effectively controlled.

What is OpenAL Should I remove it?

OpenAL is harmless; however, it fills your CPU and makes it slower than normal. If you do not engage in gaming activities, you can consider removing them. It is crucial to note that you should not delete safe executable files without any valid reason. 

If you delete such, that may affect the performance of related programs that use those files. For example, if you delete OpenAL, that may affect a game app that you are using on your computer. Always update your software and apps to prevent issues that result from corrupted files.  

Here is a simple and direct method of removing the OpenAL from your computer;

1) On the Start menu, click on the Control Panel and navigate to Programs.

2) You will see Uninstall a Program. Scroll down to find OpenAL. 

3) Highlight OpenAL and click on Uninstall. Follow the dialog box instructions to uninstall OpenAL successfully.

Alternatively, you can follow the uninstaller process where you download uninstaller software and perform a few navigations to remove the application from your system. The software will cost you a few dollars to do so. 

When you have downloaded uninstaller successfully, do the following;

 1) Run the executable (exe) file in the administrator mode. That will install the software on your PC. 

When you finish all the installation steps , run the new application.

2) A window will pop up with the down list of all exe files on your PC’s system.

3) Choose the OpenAL file (openalweax.exe) from the down list. Single click and then click Uninstall. A process will run on the file to remove it from yourPC  system.

OpenAL plays an important role in gaming. As long as there are games to play, the sound library will always be useful. The app compacts well with Xbox360 consoles, Windows, iOS, Android, and other operating systems. The app samples your frequencies, pitches, loops, and all other sound components, keeping them at the best levels. It remains one of the most useful programs in the gaming industry.


Is Openal a Virus?

Openal is an executable program. Executable programs can damage your computer; however, not all are malicious ware. Openal is an executable program but not a virus. It is software developed to enhance your audio qualities in your gaming experience.

Is Openal Dead?

All though OpenAL is a beneficial app and a multi-purpose graphics interface or gaming experience. It enhances consoles’ quality and makes game quality superb. It is a default program being used by millions of gamers worldwide and is not going anywhere any time soon.

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