How To Strikethrough on Google Docs: A Faster Ways

Google Docs is a one-stop destination for everyone who has junks of work to handle due to its easiness of navigation. It provides the best services, which include and not limited to storage, strikethrough for edits, and text share. You may be missing something amazing if you are not utilizing these tools. Many features you find in Microsoft tools are readily available in Google Docs that makes everything easier for you. However, sometimes it is not that simple to be able to use some of the best features for easy handling of your tasks. Today, I’m going to let you know how to do a strikethrough in google docs.

Strikethrough in google docs in simple terms is to draw a line through your text. This will enable you to locate the places you need to make changes retaining your original content. If you are collaborating with others, the trailing of who performed a particular task will be very easy since the original wording of the content will remain intact when the other person in share likes to strike in a new idea. The process gives you a chance to convey the true meaning of your text without explicitly expressing it in an anomaly way. If you’re interested to learn on how to strikethrough on google docs then let’s go straight to the simple steps for you to become an enthusiastic user of strikethrough in the future.

Step 1: Using your cursor, first of all, highlight the text you will like to strikethrough. 

Step 2: After entirely selecting the text and highlighted, then click on format at the top of the page, ensure you hover your cursor over the text, and then select the strikethrough button from the pop-out menu. It’s that simple as ABC, and now a line will be drawn through all the text that you selected and highlighted. Did you enjoy it? 

In case you want to revert or remove the strikethrough line, you need to perform the easy steps I have provided for you. Just by highlighting the strikethrough text and go-to format, hover on the text, and when a pop-up menu appears, then press the strikethrough, or you can use the keyboard strikethrough shortcut, and the strikethrough line will disappear. 

If you have ever used typing tools, then you must be aware of shortcuts. Google Docs is not different because it also supports all the keyboard shortcuts. For instance, if you’re using a Windows computer or Linux distros, then it will be very easy when it comes to shortcuts for strikethrough the text. You only need to check out the Alt button, Shift button, and button bearing number 5 and then press them all together, and you will be good with a line drawn on your text (Alt+Shift+5). However, if you are a Mac Computer user, you need to look for a shortcut ⌘ then press together with shift and letter X, the text will be ready with a strikethrough line (Command+Shift+X). All these shortcuts should be done after highlighting the text you want to draw a line through.

You may be worried when you notice strikethrough line on your new text in case you may decide to continue from the area you had done a strikethrough. This is actually because a strikethrough is a toggle that works like other similar features, which include and not limited to bold and italics. For you to avoid the same, you need to turn off the strikethrough using the same methods we have elaborated above before you start continuing typing a new text. 

Presumably, now you should not worry anymore about how long you’re going to type your idea out into text and maybe thinking how well you will highlight the critical points on your 10-page writings. If you now know how to use the strikethrough, you will easily strike a line through the vital text as you type and also avoid striking the other writing that carries the keynotes for meaning creation to it. Strikethrough is now widely used by all computer users who are conversant with it, so you do not need to lag behind the majority who are enjoying the feature. 

Never mind how much time it will be taking you to strikethrough your text through highlighting the text, then moving to format, and later choosing the strikethrough option. The only thing you need to master is your keyboard shortcuts so that you can be able to understand better where to press and highlight the text of your choice length. After that, using the strikethrough shortcuts I have given you above, you will be only typing as faster as if you are reading through a lovely storybook. 

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