5 Advantages of Using PDFBear’s PDF Converter For Sending Files

Without any knowledge of what PDF converter to use in sending files, you will most likely end up in a bad situation. It is essential to know at least a thing or two about a PDF converter tool, and one of the best out there is PDFBear. Below are the five advantages of using PDFBear’s PDF converter for sending files.

PDF Converter

The first thing that will come into your mind when thinking about sending files is surely about PDF. That’s because PDF is the general norm right now for sending and receiving data online. The reason for that is because of no matter what kind of platform you use, such as Mac, Windows, and even Linux, you can still get your file converted.

But the question here is how to convert Word to Pdf if the file you’re using is from Microsoft Word. That’s very simple, visit PDFBear’s site and find a PDF converter after that, you need to follow the steps, and you’re good to go.

Safety and Security

When converting any file, PDFBear is not storing or saving anything to its central system. Every bit of you information that you uploaded to the server is all removed within an hour. It means that all of your files are only exclusive to yourself.

PDFBear also ensures that when you try to convert a specific PDF file using their tool, they can guarantee that your data will not be lost or damaged. They improved their system to the highest level to ensure that your file is secure and safe.

Various PDF Conversion

PDFBear offers various options of formats to which you can convert to PDF. It can convert Powerpoint for any presentation needs, Excel to keep track of your sales, JPG for images, etc. You can save all of them to PDF for more effortless transfer of files without compromising quality and time.

Optimize PDF

Another advantage that you will get from using PDFBear can compress and repair your PDFfile anytime. Compress PDF means you can reduce the size of a particular PDF file so that you can quickly transfer it. This option is helpful, especially if you are trying to send a file that has a large size.

The other option or feature is Repair PDF, as the word says, you can repair any damaged or corrupted PDF file. Most people think that this feature is the most important and unique feature that a PDF converter can ever have, and it is true. Luckily, this feature is also for free, which means you can use it anytime you want.

Organize PDF

It is an extra feature of PDFBear, which you can modify your PDF file. Merge PDF, the first tool that you can use from PDFBear’s Organize PDF feature. By utilizing a merge PDF, you can combine multiple PDF files into a single file for easier tracking. Split PDF, in case you need to separate a PDF file to individual pages.

Delete pages; you guess it right if you want to delete or remove a particular page from your PDF file, this tool is the one you need to use. The last feature means you can use from the Organize PDF feature is the Extract Pages, it’s like a copy and paste option in which you can take a specific page and attach it to your desired page.


Sending PDF files is already very easy nowadays, primarily if you use the PDFBear Converter tool, which offers different types of PDF conversions. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, businessman, or an employee of a company. When using PDFbear, your life is without question effortless.

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