Ultrafire Cree Xml T6 2000 Lumen Flashlight Review

The manufacturer builds the ultrafire xml-t6 flashlight around machined metal alloy body that is waterproof and suitable for most outdoor activities. As the model number shows, the flashlight features a Cree XML T6 LED, which stands as one of the best in the market. In other words, the flashlight promises great performance. It features a swivel head, which allows focusing of the light beam. The t6-2000 flashlight also advertises it as bright as 2,000 lumens.  It offers five different light modes – high, middle, stroboscopic, low and SOS.

The xml-t6 ultrafire flashlight reviews

The product is both rugged and durable. Most people purchase it for hiking or camping because it can withstand most of the outdoor elements. The manufacturer offers a small carrying pouch that is well made and with a Velcro lock that will help you carry it around without any problem. The nylon material protects the flashlight to ensure longevity.

The ultrafire flashlight xml-t6 provides the option of adjusting the focus but adjusting the focus with one hand is hard. You will have to hold the torch with one hand and use the other to adjust the focus. And because you are unlikely to adjust it frequently, that should not be a huge problem.

Cree xml t6 led flashlight provides 2000 lumens and therefore it is brighter than most of the models in the market today. You can use it to light any place you want – dark streets, house or woods.

The Key Features of Ultrafire Cree Xml T6 2000

ultrafire flashlight reviews

The package

The package of cree xml t6 flashlight comes as a plastic packet with a bubble wrap to keep the flashlight and the supplied accessories safe. After unpacking everything, you will see the Flashlight, the charger, the carrying case, battery, and the 18650 branded rechargeable battery. The battery has 4200 mAh capacity, which means that you will always use it for extended periods.

The ultrafire flashlight xml t6 design

The flashlight measures 5.50 cm by 1.97 inches by 1.97 inches (14 by 5 by 5 cm) and the weight stands at 155 grams. And because it is IP-65 certified, you will never worry about water damages. The torch is splash proof but you will not be able to use it under the water. The torch features a slider on the head to facilitate the light beam adjustment. The slide is smooth but you will not be able to use it with a single hand.  You will have to hold the flashlight with one hand and use the other to adjust the slider.

The lens housing

If a need arises, you will be able to remove the front part, also known as the lens housing, easily. In the housing, you will find the LED and the copper reflector. After opening the housing, you will notice something odd – the housing has no chromed metal or plastic reflector. The manufacturer opted for a copper reflector because it offers more brightness.

The light modes

On the middle part of the flashlight, you will find a power button, in the form of a click. The flashlight offers five modes – the high, low, SOS and strobe. When on the strobe mode, the light will blink. Moreover, you do not need to click each time you want to switch between the modes – you just need to click once and it will automatically switch the modes.

The battery and charger

After removing the tail section, you will find the battery section of this flashlight. The manufacturer allows you to use either 3 AAA batteries or the 18650 rechargeable batteries. These are the only available options. The charger is small and you will have to open the flip to plug in the power prongs. The charging point and the charger are adjustable because the manufacturer incorporates a spring so that you can be able to charge both the small and large batteries easily.

However, you have to set the amps and voltage so that they can match the output. The inbuilt LED light on the charger turns red immediately you plug in the charger and then turns green after the battery is full. The charging time highly varies from one battery to the other, but it will take roughly 2-3 hours to completely charge. After charging, the battery will last up to 2 weeks depending on the level of use.

The carrying case

The manufacturer uses nylon to make the carrying case, which means that it is of great quality. The carrying case features Velcro closure on both the front side and the backside so that the user can attach it to his/her belt or pouch easily. The straps are easier to open and close. They are also easier to attach to most accessories, bags or pouches, particularly those that come without a removable strap. The light will fit perfectly into the pouch, which protects it.

Pros: ultrafire cree xml t6

  • Comes with a clicky power button
  • Offers a decent battery life
  • The charging time is less compared to that of some other models in the market
  • It is durable and rugged
  • It is IP 65 water-resistant
  • Offers an adjustable focus
  • The package includes a charger and battery
  • With the offered 5 modes, you will manage to adjust the light beam
  • It is inexpensive

Cons: ultrafire cree xmlt6

  • You will not be able to use it underwater
  • You will have to use both hands when adjusting it

Who should go for the ultrafire flashlights xml t6?

If you are currently living in a place where electricity is a daily problem, the torch is a good choice. After the purchase, you will forget about the candles, low-quality flashlights, and lamps. Even though the market provides many other flashlights at a lower price, the ultrafire cree xml-t6 offers many helpful features that make it a better choice.

Even though the market offers LED flashlights, available in both the online and offline stores, most of them are unlikely to match your budget because they are very expensive. Actually, finding the best flashlight to match your budget will be a hard job. Therefore, when searching for the best product, it is good you start by considering the Ultrafire Cree XML 2000 Lumen Flashlight. It offers many important features and comes at a lower price.

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