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If you have been searching for the Best Textsheet Alternatives Websites, then you are in the right place. The internet offers many options, but you have to choose only the best. Most of them allow you to access the content, which includes answers to your assignments and homework, at no cost. We have done a lot of work to come up with a list of best Textsheet alternative. But keep in mind that most of the sites change more often due to legal actions taken on them. 

What is Texsheet? And why would you need it?

Textsheet was an educational website that helped students complete their tasks and homework easily. Even though some other websites provide the same services, the users have to pay a subscription fee. On Textsheet, all textbooks were free to use and students could access them at any time of the day. 

Textsheet was a common choice for many students from all parts of the world and is claimed to have helped millions of students complete their homework and tasks. To answer questions, Textsheet gathered answers from the other education websites such as Chegg and offered them at no cost. The site used Chegg API to find and present answers to student queries. A few months ago, the authorities closed the website for copyright infringement. You can no longer access it. To help you find the websites like textsheet alternatives, we have created this list. 

Alternatives to


Sladder is a popular choice for college students in need of textbook solutions and systematic explanations to their questions. Notably, the website is more popular in the United States where millions of students use it each month. For quick access to academic materials, download the Sladder app, available for both iOS and Android devices. The website is easy to use because you only need the textbook name or the 13 ISBN digits to locate a specific book. 

After locating the book, type in the page number and click on Go. At this point, you should have the whole exercise along with possible answers. Sladder has a large database that covers different subjects such as social sciences, science, high school math, English and literature, upper-level math and foreign languages. With the user-friendly interface, your work will be easy when it comes to filtering the books by name.  The free version of this websites like textsheet comes with many advertisements that may affect your browsing. To get rid of them, pay the $1.99 per month fee. 


At first, Studylib might look hard to explore due to its many features. The site emphasizes on efficient learning strategies. It provides a “Flashcard explorer”, which categorizes subjects such as science, math, foreign languages, engineering and technology, social sciences, and business. Again, the academic website has a large community-driven library, from which students can read, download and print millions of labs, worksheets, lesson plans and many other study materials. If you have any content you would want to share, the site allows you to do that. It is free to use but you need to create an account.  


This American education company took down Textsheet entirely through legal actions. For many years, Chegg has been a great source of educational content for students. It offers systematic textbook solutions in addition to experts available both day and night. You can buy or rent eTextbooks and books with a discount of around 90 percent. If you have any textbooks that you do not use, you can sell them through the website. To locate a book, enter the ISBN and the site will display a quote on your screen. To access the content, you have to buy a plan. If you prefer using your smartphone, download the iOS or Android app and take the 7-day free trial. 

Course Hero

Course Hero is another great Textsheet alternative that offers over 30 million course-specific study materials for students. On the site, you will find many study resources such as documents, guides, videos and class notes based on subjects, textbooks, literature titles and schools. The subjects range from literature to economics, history to biology, psychology to accounting and anything in between. Moreover, you will love the 24/7 Homework Help that allows you to benefit from personalized coaching from experts. You can opt for “Earn Free Access” by uploading study documents or pay $9.95 per month for “Instant Access”. 


PaperHelp is different from Textsheet – it is a custom academic writing service provider.  The site has many experts who are ready to help you write essays, whether you are in college, high school university or even PhD. By using PaperHelp, you will complete any of your homework or school task easily. Enter the required details to calculate the price. What’s more, they have 24.7 customer support and money-back guarantee for their customers. 


This great academic resource provides many insightful and helpful guides around history, English literature, biology, math, science and many other subjects. Unlike textbooks, SparkNotes offer lessons notes containing summaries that will help you learn and understand topics easily. Moreover, the Textsheet alternative allows you to take quick quizzes as a way of testing your retention rate. 

To help you prepare for your examinations, SparkNotes provides online content and books for competitive examinations such as ACT, SAT, GRE and AP Subject Tests. As an online resource, the website is a great source of literature full text and study guides. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.  


CrazyForStudy is purposely designed for people in need of academic help. The 50 million books mean that you will have systematic textbook solutions to most of your questions. In addition to course-specific solution manuals, CrazyForStudy provides online assignments to help on various topics such as science/math, accounting, engineering, and finance and computer science. And because the website is prevalent in Australia only, students in the country can find the books their institutions prescribe.


I hope that the above Textsheet Alternatives Websites will provide the study materials you need. The internet offers numerous alternatives to the websites but not most of them will provide what you need. So, before opening any of them, read the reviews to know whether it is safe. All the above sites will provide solutions to your homework and school tasks.

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