Sonic Soak Reviews The Ultimate Eco Friendly Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you have been looking for an innovative cleaning solution that offers great mobility, the sonic soak might form a perfect choice. It uses modulated ultrasonic waves to remove dirt. It can connect to mobile devices and features a timer recommendable for daily cleaning. For example, when cleaning a t-shirt, you just need to dip it in soapy water. The ultrasonic technology will start sending unstable air bubbles, which remove the dirt particles within a few minutes.

The applications of sonic soak

The manufacturer designed the product for people who would want to complete their cleaning with little water and to solve most of the problems associated with cloth washing and cleaning. Unlike some other products, the manufacturer designs it with industrial power necessary in deep and faster cleaning.

The Sonic Soak is usable on various objects and one of its key characteristics is versatility. The product does not cause damages to surfaces and that is the primary reason you can use it to wash your clothes or clean other objects like jewellery or watches. The product does the cleaning at microscopic level, which is important in thorough cleaning.

The cavitation process is not new to the cloth cleaning industry. The process describes formation of vapour cavities and bubbles in a liquid. The manufacturer employed the process for the Sonic Soak meaning that all the employed methods were previously tested. The bubbles that form in the soapy water explode to extract dirt and oil stains from the surfaces of the objects – like textile. The device can deep wash any form of clothing and other common subjects like watches effectively.

Some individuals are using it to clean their foods too, but it will work perfectly if it remains in action for several minutes in water. Cloth cleaning processes have never been that easy because you will just need to connect the Sonic Soak to your tablet or smartphone and start cleaning – the cleaning will end in a few minutes. Some people refer to the device as a portable cleaning machine, but it offers more benefits than portability alone because it cleans in a better way and gets rid of bacteria that are known to build up on clothing.

The limitations of sonic soak

The sonic soak is not revolutionary but is defined as a more reliable product that can wash clothes and some other items at a go. Nevertheless, its reliability is not comparable to that of real washing machines. A quick example, the item will not clean deep food stains on your clothing completely due to its limited power and the fact that it is stationery – cleaning machines have rotary systems.

Meanwhile, people should not use the product as a permanent solution for house cleaning chores due to the small size and limited capacity – it is only ideal for on the go cleaning. If you are planning for a holiday weekend, the product will be a viable solution to remove dust particles and mild dirt from your clothing items.


  • The device removes grime, dirt, and bacteria at a microscopic level
  • The product comes with an automatic timer that allows shut-off
  • It removes around 99.9 percent of dirt easily
  • The product is versatile and can, therefore, clean virtually everything ranging from watches, fruits, and glasses
  • Due to its small weight and small size, you can carry it to any place with you
  • You can use the product to clean anything that is impossible to clean
  • To clean your clothes, you do not require any chemicals
  • It functions quietly
  • Does not feature any cords and each set of batteries will last for many months


  • If not properly kept, the battery compartment will start rusting
  • It is not recommendable for the heavy items

Why buy the product

When searching for a cleaning tool that can clean anything efficiently, you just need to buy the Sonic Soak. With the tool, you will be sure of remaining hygienic no matter where you are planning to go. Here are a few reasons why you might need to go for the tool.

Deep cleaning

The product will allow you to clean your clothes deeply without using chemicals. The Sonic Soak cleans clothes gently and it is, therefore, an ideal choice for the delicate gear, hand-wash only items and hard to clean gear. Whether you are planning to clean your kid’s toys, toothbrushes or anything else regularly, it is a great go for the product. Unlike the large cleaners, the product will clean your products thoroughly without any wear or tear.

All-in-one cleaner

The product has a versatile nature. And unlike the regular washing machines, the product will function differently from the common washing tools. Apart from clothes, you can use it on your jewelry, glasses, fruits, and vegetables. It is also a good choice when cleaning pesky items like baby bottles, razors, and carafes.

Travel easily to any place

With the cleaning tool, you will only carry a few clothes. Our Sonic Soak review shows that the product’s weights stand at 4 ounces and measures less than 5 inches. It will, therefore, fit in your bag and allow you to travel easily.

The product is versatile and portable. It comes with a digital display that will help you control the strings in an easier and efficient way. You can use your tablet or smartphone to power the cleaner whenever a cleaning need arises. With the simple design, clear three buttons and a simple controller, you should expect a flexible experience. However, it is not a good choice for intensive cleaning tasks.


From the above Sonic Soak Review, you can notice that the product promises to serve as an effective travel companion. With the cleaning tool, you will manage to pack lesser when traveling because it will provide you with an easy way of doing your laundry. Moreover, the product is not only effective when it comes to cloth cleaning. It can also clean some other items like toothbrushes, kid’s toys, vegetables, and jewellery. When looking for a cleaning solution that you will always carry along, the Sonic soak should be your first choice.

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