The 3-in-1 3D Printer Journey with Snapmaker

The Snapmaker 3D Printer entered the market in the year 2017, we witnessed a lot of excitement around it. That excitement resulted into large numbers in the crowdfunding processes. After raising around $2,277,182 from the 5,050 backers, Snapmaker has remained the third highly funded 3D printer project. That might be a result of the many powerful features and ease of use. Now, the product has entered the market as a more affordable solution for designers who want to complete their work faster.

The printer is capable of printing items measuring 125mmx125mmx125mm at a resolution of 50-300 mincrons. It uses Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology to create designs. Apart from its lower price, the product offers three detachable modules that allow transition from a CNC Carver, 3D printer and a laser engraver. You can use it to make physical models from your drawings or upgrade your workspace into a workshop. The product is idea for all skill levels.

A quick introduction to the product

With the fused deposition modelling, known as FDM, the 3 dimensional printing module can work with the standard 1.75mm filament spools. The products bed can handle up to 80 degrees Celsius heat but with the 125mm build volume, the prints are limited in size.

The Snapmarker is a standard machine that offers three different functions. First, the product is a 3D printer. It has an aluminium frame that encases all the components and wiring, with exception to a few tidy cables. But the greatest news is that the user can swap the three interchangeable modules onto the X-axis of the Snapmaker. In addition to the 3D printing functioning, this machine has the ability of CNC milling and laser engraving.

Its laser-engraving module features a 200mW laser that is capable of burning great designs into leather, wood and some other materials. Moreover, the CNC milling module offers adjustable spindle speeds that range between 2,000 and 7000 rpm.

The manufacturer also considered the ease of use when making the machine. The Snapmaker 3 Dimensional printer comes with an LCD touchscreen that is easier to assemble and comes with the Snapmaker3D software.

The first impression starts with the packaging and the assembly part

Snapmaker 3D printer review shows that the assembly part is easier to complete and will take you less than 30 minutes. To complete the assembly, you have to pre-wire the electronics in all the three modules. In addition to the modules, the touchscreen, the base plate, control module and heated bed will need installation with the offered tools.

The packaging should tell you something about the producer. The product comes as a properly boxed, with the tools, components and accessories stacked in a number of cardboard boxes and nestled safely in cut foam. In other words, the Snapmaker does not come in an assembled form.

After assembling, the Snapmaker will stand as a compact 3-dimensaional printer – the solid metal frame enhances the sturdiness. But before you use it, you will have to calibrate it. Bed levelling calls for both refinement and manual adjustments. With the offered touch-screen, the process is easy for anyone familiar with 3D printing and it is unlikely to challenge the beginners. You will have to connect the touchscreen through the extensible cable. After the connection, you will enjoy the freedom of movement uncommon with printers that have controls built into their main body.

And even though you can complete the assembly task with the offered tasks, using your own set might be a better choice. The manufacturer also provides a 1.75 PLA filament spool, power pack, filament holder and the laser engraving material. The other item to expect is the wrap-around safety goggles.

After securing the laser, engraving module and plugging the cable in you will be able to test the 3-in-1 3D printing feature. The manufacturer offers UV protective eye-wear but not a UV protective casing on the printer.

When in the Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D printer’s printing mode, this machine will handle temperatures below 80 degrees Celsius – but 100 degrees Celsius temperature is also achievable. The machine comes with a drive system to handle the feedstock management. The producers opted for an open material policy and the product can support ABS and PLA.


  • The product is solid and compact
  • It feels compact
  • The transition between functions is effortless
  • The 3D printing technology is better than most people expected
  • Comes with fast and responsive user interface through handheld touchscreen


  • Tiny work volume
  • Terrible screwdriver
  • The accompanying software requires additional work
  • The labelling errors might lead to confusion
  • There is no control over the CNC spindle speed

Why you should go for the Snapmaker 3D printer

Levelling up the machine’s engraving area is easier. Unlike the traditional do-it-yourself kits, which come with hundreds of messy cables and scattered parts, the Snapmaker allows for simplicity and will break the knowledge barrier when turning your imaginations into a reality. The manufacturer includes a touchscreen LCD, 3-dimensional printer head, CNC carving head, heated bed, laser engraving head, Snapmaker Mechanics and 500g PLA. Moreover, the producer offers several functional parts that allow upgrading for your personal needs. It will deliver stable and strong performance consistently. Be ready to explore more opportunities.

The Snapmaker 3-in-1 printer performs a great job across the three different functions and therefore a better go-for for individuals working on small-scale projects. The market offers several tools that go for less than $799 but only a few will challenge it for the laser engraving, 3D printing and the CNC carving – all in one. With the tall Snapmaker, you will be able to print very tall objects. You can boost the specs and power up various long linear modules. In other words, you will be able to limit your creations on the length you want to achieve.

The bottom line

The product performs admirable jobs across the three distinct functions and it is therefore a perfect choice for the small-scale tasks. Even though most individual tools in the market come at a lower cost than the Snap maker, which is retailing at $799, none of them will challenge its laser engraving, 3-dimensional printing and CNC carving all in one.

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