Smart Homes and Solar Panels – A Match Made in Heaven

Setting up a smart phone is not quick, simple or cheap. However, the benefits of doing it far outweigh the inconveniences of the process. Similarly, the setup costs for solar panels tend to be a bit exorbitant. And people are typically charged per single panel unit, too! However, in an interesting twist of fate, the two different technologies meant to make people’s lives easier can only really shine if put together. Both are, of course, decent and useful in their own right. But when you use both at once, the two individual parts come together as a greater whole. Why and how? Well, we will explain this thoroughly in our guide on smart homes and solar panels – a match made in Heaven!

Make up for the increased spending

The first way in which smart homes and solar panels perfectly synergize is by making things easier on your wallet. No matter how well set up a smart home is, it is an undeniable fact that they cost far more in electricity bills than more traditional homes. All the smart devices need to remain on and connected to the internet at all times to function properly. Hence why the term ‘Internet Of Things’ was coined in the first place. Of course, this places an understandable drain on your finances. Especially in the current state of affairs where the prices of utilities continue to climb. Solar panels, on the other hand, perfectly offset this spending. Even better, they allow you to store power and, eventually, maybe even sell it. Which would allow you to make the best use of the home décor apps and other opportunities to pretty up your home!

Greater control of your electricity

Of course, just having all that power stored would be useless. If you keep sitting on it, it won’t be of any use. Especially since, as the experts from like to point out, you’d still need professional assistance with cleaning your solar panels. A smart home, however, allows you to perfectly allocate your use of stored electricity. Even if you’re not home, you can manipulate your device settings to have your stove cook you a meal you had left inside it to defrost. Or you can tinker with temperature settings in order to ensure that you come home to a perfectly acclimatized home. All the while being able to turn off any unnecessary devices and save as much of that stored power as possible for when you really need it. This better use allows you to both make the power last longer and count for more all at once!

Optimizing the running of devices

Of course, having free access to extra electricity does have another positive side to it. Namely, you can just focus on letting your devices run optimally without having to worry about all the energy costs. A lot of times, in a smart home without solar panels, you are forced to turn off some or even all of your devices for certain periods of time. Just so you can save on costs a little! With your very own solar panels, especially during the height of summer, this will not be a concern at all. Which means you will truly get to experience everything which a proper smart home has to offer. Having all your devices connected all the time will feel downright luxurious at first! Of course, this does mean you will need to work on trying to improve your device cyber security. Being always on opens them up to attack.

Better solar panel diagnostics

Of course, solar panels are built to last and be tough. However, just like all other devices, they inevitably encounter issues eventually. If you have no idea what you are doing and even need solar panel cleaning professionals to keep it in peak condition, it is only reasonable to assume you would be similarly clueless when it comes to diagnosing problems with the solar panels. This is not exactly a good thing, since serious work done on solar panels always costs a hefty sum. Even just installing them is expensive, after all, even if the cost is well justified. So, being able to gauge the extent of damage and severity of the problem on your own helps immensely. Here is where the integration between smart homes and solar panels shines once more! By installing diagnostic software, you can link your solar panels to your smart devices and track their condition.

Energy storage insurance

The final benefit of combining smart homes and solar panels is significant, but will truly be felt by people who live in regions with frequent power outages. In fact, without solar panels and the energy stores they provide, it is almost impossible to properly run a smart home in such areas. Just imagine having to worry about your power going out every time you experience a storm! Well, with your very own solar panels, this would become a concern of the past. You would be able to focus on learning about smart homes and how best to make use of them without having to deal with the frustration of not having access to the conveniences far too often. And power outages that happen will no longer mess with your devices since your backup grid will come online! The days of losing unsaved data on your computer would be behind you.

Final Comment

With our guide on smart homes and solar panels – a match made in Heaven, we hope we’ve cleared up why it is such a good idea to combine these two technologies. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that together they bring out the best of each other’s traits while minimizing the effects of any drawbacks. Alone, both smart homes and solar panels can be considered somewhat faulty. Smart homes demand a lot of power, while solar panels tend to start producing excess energy which you have no real way of making full use of. So, only by coming together can you properly enjoy them!

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