Best & Safe ROM Download Sites & Alternatives

There are multiple sites to download video game ROMs. Even so, picking the right roms site from the vast choices can be a stressful task since some of them have corrupted links, malware, and many unwanted pop-up advertisements.

For that reason, we have evaluated the best ROM sites to save you from downloading corrupted or broken files. Our top choices have fewer pop up ads, and they are easy to navigate. Moreover, the picks have an extensive collection of safe ROM files to download.

Best rom websites to try out

  1. Gamulator

Gamulator is the number one destination for many gaming enthusiasts looking for the safest site to download ROMs, BIOS files, and emulators. The site has thousands of ROM files, and its library keeps on rising daily. You can download the site’s roms or emulators using your personal computer or phone.

The files are categorized by console, most downloaded, and most favorite to help you locate a particular rom file or emulator quickly. Into the bargain, Gamulator has a simple-to-navigate website and a search bar for easy file finding. You can browse through Gamulator’s safe website without signing up.

  1. ROM Hustler

Have you been searching for a mobile-friendly site for ROMs? If yes, ROM hustler would be the most suitable site for your mobile needs. You can access the website, and download roms files using your smartphone or tablet.

ROM hustler’s catalog of Roms and emulators is listed alphabetically for easy finding. Moreover, the site has a search box that lets you find ROM files or emulators within a short time.

This site has fewer pop-up ads, and its files are free of viruses. Each Rom file on ROM hustler’s website shows its customer score, and the number of time it has been downloaded. The customer rating and number of download help you gauge if a rom file is suitable for you.

  1. Emuparadise

Emuparadise is a one-stop site for enthusiasts who need everything they would need to improve their gaming experience. It has an extensive list of downloadable video games, game-related books, roms, isos, magazines, gaming music, and gaming guides.

Unlike the download-only websites, this safe site presents you with an opportunity to download your favorite rom games and play them with an emulator or play them right on your browser without downloading.

Emuparadise has a forum where like-minded gamers meet and share ideas, and a search bar for easy file location. Also, the site has a quick video guide that educates you on how to use Rom files and emulators. If you feel any issue, then there is best Emuparadise alternatives that we listed here.

  1. Romcollector

Romcollector has a diverse collection of hard-to-find roms and BIOS for conventional systems like Sony, Neo Geo, Xbox, and Laserdisc. Apart from roms, Romcollector has tones of emulators, and firmware to let you upgrade your vintage gaming experience.

The site lists its rom files according to their console compatibility. This kind of organization lets you to trace the particular rom you are looking for easily, as well as download the right roms file for your specific console.

Into the bargain, this safe rom site has downloadable digital packs that would help you create a MAME Arcade computer or an Ultimate Hyperspin Computer customized to your desired specifications and control requirements.

  1. Cool ROM

If you are new to emulation, Cool ROM would be the right roms site for you. It has a video tutorial section which walks you through the emulation process before you start downloading your roms files. You can access and play the roms using your computer, Android, iOS, or windows phone.

Into the bargain, Cool ROMs has an extensive library with thousands of roms for your favorite vintage games. The site has sorted its roms by highest rated, frequently downloaded, and type of console to let you find the rom file you are looking for easily. As an alternative, you can find various roms through the site’s ROM search bar.

  1. Romsmania

Romsmania boasts of an easy-to-use site that lets you find your favorite rom files, emulators, or bios files within a short time. You can locate the roms by entering and searching a keyword or rom title into the site’s search bar.

Romsmania gives you an option to play your favorite roms online without downloading. This option shields you from downloading viruses that may infect your device.  You can access the site using your android devices, personal computer, Mac, or IOS devices.

  1. Romulation

Romulation has a collection of 27,779 console classics. The site’s games roms have are tested for malware and emulator compatibility.

To download roms on this site, you will need to sign-up for a user account. Afterward, Romulation will award you with 10000 points which you will use to download files. The point system prevents download abuse, which would slow down the site.

Are you afraid of submitting your personal information to Romulation? You shouldn’t. This best rom site promises to keep your information and user activity private. The site’s developers do not sell your personal information to third parties.

  1. FreeROMs

FreeROMs is another best place to download roms. However, this site has fewer roms than most websites on this best list. As such, sometimes, you may not find the video game rom file you want.

The files are free of viruses, malware, and spyware. Moreover, FreeROMs’ website is free of those irritating pop-up advertisements found on less reputable roms sites.

This best site for roms has a search bar to help you locate your favorite video game roms within a short time. The site has categorized the roms by their user rating to help you download a rom that is popular among other gamers.

Take Away

There are thousands of sites to download your favorite video game roms. Some of them are safe to access, and they provide an extensive collection of working video roms. Other less reputable sites have corrupted rom files and several pop-up ads. We have reviewed the best rom sites to save you from using the unsafe sites that might expose your device to malware and viruses.

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