Meet Robotic Ironing Machine Effie, Just Press And Dries Your Clothes

Perhaps, the number of times you have found yourself thinking about what you will wear to your office on Monday is uncountable. Moreover, you might have found yourself wearing a sweater over a shirt to hide the fact that you forgot about the ironing part. The Effie automatic ironing machine for home solves many of such issues. It can handle 12 different clothing items at the same time and uses steam and heat combination to complete the job. To start using the product, you will not need to program anything – you just need to rack up the clothes and touch the “go” button.

The Key Features: Effie Ironing Machine Review

  • The tank

The iron machine houses a water tank at its bottom right corner, which you should refill up each time you completely exhaust it for the Effie Iron Machine to continue running efficiently. Remember that the refilling process is not complicated. You just need to slide out this tank, fill it with water, slide it back and finally run the machine.

  • The dimensions

The Effie Iron Machine measures 80cmx25cmx128cm. In other words, it should spin around 2 feet horizontally and 4 feet vertically. With the dimensions, the ironing machine is seemingly too heavy as a domestic appliance but you should not worry. It features rollers at the bottom to allow portability. You can roll the device easily to move it to any place. Furthermore, you will not need to setup anything for the machine to start functioning. You just need to place it in your home, plug it and it will be set to start ironing and drying your clothes.

  • Handles a variety of clothes

The clever invention will also synchronize with our mobile device to inform you when the clothes are ready. The product can iron trousers, shirts, blouses, t-shirts, bed sheets, short dresses, pillowcases, towels and more. You can also use it to dry your small items like underwear and socks. The manufacturer claims that the product can handle every material in the industry and will only take six minutes to complete the ironing and to dry the clothing. Unlike the traditional ironing, the Effie Iron Machine uses lesser heat along with steam and it will not get into contact with the material.

  • Easier operation

At this point, you might be thinking that the Effie Iron Machine is not different from the available handheld dry cleaning machines. However, it is different. The machine allows the user to take his/her her clothes directly from the washer and hang them onto the automated rail of the machine. The result is usually properly dried and wrinkle-free clothes.

  • Intelligent design features

The Effie Iron Machine takes only six minutes to iron and dry each time. That should tell you that it is a perfect time saver suitable for business people in need of freshly pressed clothing each day of the week. The companion app notifies the user when the drying and ironing process ends. Therefore, immediately the process is over, you will get a message that your shirts, t-shirts or dress are ready to go for another week or two.

Its portable steaming units handle a single article of clothing each time and if you have ever used one of the devices, you already know that it will take around 6 minutes to clear the wrinkles. In addition, you will not need to sort out your clothing before hanging them on the adjustable hangers. Whether you want to iron polyster, silk, cotton, denim or viscose, you just need to line them up and the ironing machine will work its sorting magic.

  • Proprietary ironing technology

With its unique pressing system, the ironing machine knows the difference between delicate blouses and cotton shirts. It alters clothe pressing technique when handling cotton shirts to get into contact with the fabrics. So that it can dry and smooth out all the wrinkles. Delicate blouses on the other hand will have to pass through strategic ironing processes without getting into contact with the ironing machine. Whether you are ironing a rugged T-shirt or an expensive blouse, it will come out ceaseless and wearable after six minutes.

The Effie offers a slot to allow addition of fragrance pods. Therefore, your clothes will come out of the machine smelling fresh and nice. The supplier provides you with the option of buying the replacement hangers and pods through the companion app of the Effie Iron Machine.

The setup process is easy. You just need to gather the garments to iron from the wash and hang them on the provided adjustable hangers. After that, press the “Go” button on the ironing machine. In addition, the manufacturer offers a removable water basin at the bottom, you will have to remove it for refilling immediately it gets low. That is a great feature considering that there will be no need of connecting the ironing machine to the plumbing system in your home. The machine is highly portable and you can roll it out of sight immediately you are though with the ironing part.

How much effie machine price cost?

The effie iron price goes for £699. If you need it, go to and register to order. Some people claim that effie iron cost is very high.


  • Handles 12 articles of clothing
  • It takes only 6 minutes to iron and dry the clothing
  • When ironing your clothes solely, it will take only 3 minutes
  • You can load your delicate clothing with the other types
  • Comes with a proprietary pressing technology
  • The intuitive companion app will inform you when the clothes are ready to wear


  • It is only available in some parts of the world

The bottom line

The designer offered a simple switchboard. However, you will need to use it along with a complicated manual. The product offers only one Button, which the user presses to start the ironing and drying process. The Effie Iron Machine allows you to do more than ironing. You can use the offered drying bag to dry all your delicate clothes – those that do not require ironing. Moreover, with the Touch up Tool, you will be able to iron some sections of your clothes separately, particularly those that require extra care.

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