How To Remove or Uninstall AvastUI.exe? Is Avast Uninstall Safe?

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 What is Avast UI?
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How To Remove or Uninstall AvastUI.exe?
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Information as we know it is going digital day by day. This has resulted in the need for cybersecurity measures to ensure the safety of information from hackers and malicious software. One of the methods is the use of Antivirus software such as Avast which alerts and also removes suspicious programs.

What is AvastUI.exe?

AvastUI.exe is an executable program short for Avast User Interface and is developed by the AVAST company. The program is coupled with icons, dll and vpx files which contribute to the overall design and functionality. The software runs across Windows, Mac and Android platforms and also virtual private network browsing using the Avast secure browser.

The functionality of Avast on computers ranges from anti-malware, anti-spyware, device driver updates to the storage of user passwords. For an extra fee, one can get a licence to unlock premium tools such as anti-tracking, data shredder or firewall. It is interesting to note that even without premium, Avast is still part of the best worldwide virus removal solutions.

Is Avast a malware?

The answer to the question is a definitely a no but hackers have developed malware to look like Avast. Thus, a user must monitor changes in performance to distinguish the two. Malware that appears as Avast tends to use up more computer memory and has high network usage. In addition, the software alters windows system settings in order to run on startup.

Determining whether an Avast program is malware or not

To check for performance and usage right click on the taskbar and navigate to the task manager option. If Avast uses up huge memory and network then the program is most likely malware. The computer in question is affected online and offline through unauthorised data manipulation.

Another key indication on whether the Avast program is malware is checking for the publisher. Avast software’s official publisher is AVAST company. The malware appears with an unverified or blank publisher. Also, searching in the search box or right-click in the task manager startup tab opens file location.

Legit Avast software is located by default in C:\Program Files\Avast Software\Avast for 64-bit Windows and C:\Program Filesx86\Avast Software\Avast for 32-bit Windows versions. Unless a user-specified where they want the application to be installed, then an avastui program found elsewhere is malware.

Errors that occur with AvastUI.exe?

Sometimes, AvastUI fails to respond and this is indicated by an app not responding pop up window. Common causes of this error are the prolonged use of a computer without restarting it from time to time. Running multiple applications which results in increased memory usage also causes the malfunction of the application.

Furthermore, the application may fail to start or show a pop-up window that reads Avast is not a valid win32 application. The first cause of this error is that there may be missing files in the Avast folder. In the case where all files exist in that folder, then some files may be corrupt or affected by malware.

Another possible cause of the aforementioned issue is the problem in the installation process. Reinstalling the program may fix the issue as old files are removed automatically and then replaced with new files.

Broken or invalid registry entries associated with Avast are also a major reason for an application to malfunction. Fortunately, a fresh install provides a quick fix to this issue or the use of pc repair software.

How To Remove or Uninstall AvastUI.exe: Uninstalling Avast malware.

On one hand, detecting the presence of malware has several approaches which ensure a high degree of success. On the other, how to remove AvastUI.exe, is quite complex to remove. Executable files affected by viruses may cause the computer to crash or the deletion of information upon removal.


How do I force Avast to uninstall?

Force uninstall on Avast is done using specialized tools or third-party software such as System Cleaner or Easy Clean. These applications scan for all the files that came with the software, remove them and also fix corrupt registry entries. Uninstalling manually is possible but viruses are usually attached to system software and removal could result in negative computer functionality.

How do I remove Avast from Windows 10?

Navigate to settings and select the uninstall option under the apps tab. Scroll down to the Avast program, click and select uninstall. A pop-up window appears and then select yes. After the uninstallation is done, check for any Avast folders in the Program Files folder and delete them manually.

Another method is to open the Avast folder and scroll down to the uninstall executable application. Double click or right-click to open and follow instructions until uninstalled.

How do I remove the Avast folder from the C drive?

The Avast folder may be removed from the C drive upon installation. A check box appears on the location to install Avast software and the user may browse for the preferred location. You can select a partition other than C or another internal drive on the computer but not external devices.

The Avast folder can also be deleted manually but after the task tree under Task manager has been ended. Right-click on the taskbar, select the Task manager and proceed to end all tasks under Avast software. Afterwards, the user can delete the Avast folder from the folders earlier mentioned.

Are the effects of malware disguised as Avast permanent?

The effects of malware are not entirely permanent. First, running a fresh installation of Windows and erasing all user data removes cloned viruses. Important data should therefore be compressed or zipped at all times.

In addition, there are several data recovery software such as Recuva which scan the drive and regenerate deleted files. 

To Sum Up

The uninstallation of AvastUI may bring performance changes but it leaves the computer more vulnerable to viruses. Good antivirus software is still required to protect the computer from further harm. Thus, Avast removal without reinstallation may not be a good idea since the program is genuine and also free.

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