Unable to Access Putlocker or Not Working? Here is Some Possible ways!

Alexa Internet ranked Putlocker among the top 250 most visited sites. The site had remained to be one of the most popular movie sites until its closure in 2016. A closure that was backed by the United Kingdom and alleged to have caused major piracy threats in the United States. Site users have been complaining about Putlocker not working and site unresponsiveness. Meanwhile, an error message has ever been displayed depicting server downtime.

Sources claim that the server’s unresponsiveness began immediately the site was reported to the United States Trade Representative. The claim, however, is not backed by any evidence after MPAA noted that it is yet to confirm the report led to the closure of the site.

Instead of resorting for Putlocker alternatives, some putlocker have jumped into saving the situation. By finding possible fixes for the not working Putlocker, users can now make use of the dead Putlocker. Why do people think Putlocker is irreplaceable? Well, the answer is flat right into your face. Putlocker is safe, easy to use and free from malware.

What is Putlockers

Putlocker is a free video streaming site for both films and series.

Putlockers net movies featured

A whole fresh subset of sites emerged after the ban of Putlocker. All of which promised to deliver entertainment to a whole new level. Can we put the efficiency of Putlocker into question just because of unresponsiveness? Can we attest to the fact that other alternatives exist that can live up to the name?

We are going to explore some of the outstanding features that make Putlocker a unique entertainment site.

  • An online file indexing platform
  • Streams films and movies
  • Streams videos in 32 languages
  • Offers users a chance to suggest for shows that are not there
  • Streams show from any historical time since the 1940s

Meanwhile, after having Putlocker blocked. Opportunists have taken advantage of the situation to begin a plethora of Putlocker proxy sites, mirror sites or duplications. The sites also allow users to stream movies for free and serve as an alternative websites like putlockers.

Advantages of putlockers net movies site

The metrics by which users judged the quality of Putlocker consisted of the following factors.

Simplicity, Lightweight design, ads safety, an array of films to offer and available titles. The legibility of Putlocker as one of the most sought after movie website has remained consistent with the above factors;

The following are the pros of using Putlocker as a film-streaming platform for movies and series;

  1. High buffering speed
  2. Ease of accessibility
  3. Simplicity of use
  4. Log in not needed to browse through the content
  5. Does not require adobe plug into stream videos
  6. Offers a wide variety of films, from old classics to latest collections
  7. Quality design with proper ad management features
  8. The search engine mechanism is efficient and simple to use
  9. Presents entertainment in a simple and concise manner

Possible Putlocker Fixes

Putlocker is undeniably the best free movie streaming site. Hence, ardent Putlocker users have been searching for a way to fix the unresponsive site rather than ditch it for an alternative. Unfortunately, there is less you can do as a solution to Putlocker’s shutdown but wait for the site to respond.

The ardent user could, however, access the site through a VPN.

A VPN allows users to watch and stream privately, anonymously and securely. The virtual private network does this by creating a secret channel between the website and your connection. The two-way connection cannot be assessed even by the internet service provider (ISP).

Not only does the VPN allow you to access Putlocker but you can also access other restricted streaming sites. Nations like the United Kingdom have strict measures for curbing digital content laws infringement. The authority has therefore put in place complete censorship of digital media from the topmost level of Internet Service Providers.

In such countries, a virtual private network is the best method to access a banned network. Putlocker, for instance, was banned by five ISPs following a court order under the sponsorship of Motion  Picture Association of America (MPAA).

There is a variety of Putlocker unlock VPNs that can help movie followers access the website. The VPNs cannot work with every operating system. Therefore, it is important to you find a compatible VPN that works with your personal computer.

A process of Accessing Putlocker Through a VPN

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service
  2. Connect to USA server through the VPN dashboard
  3. Double check that your connection comes from the USA serve Ip address through a proxy check website – www.whatismyipaddress.com.
  4. Click to the Putlocker website and enjoy entertainment to a whole new level.

Unlocking Putlocker through SmartDNS

Apart from using a VPN to access Putlocker, users can also access Putlocker through smart DNS service. Through the use of various add-ons and repositories to get past online geo restrictions. The smart DNS service allows users to watch television programs hassle-free without the need of going through complicated steps.

SmartDNS allows a user to extract data associated from a user’s geolocation and re-routing it to the Internet provider through a smart DNS service.

Setting up a DNS Server for Connecting to Putlocker

  1. Select network connections on the start menu
  2. Right click on the current network you are connecting to
  3. Look for properties and click on it
  4. Click Internet Protocol Version four (TCP/IPv4)
  5. Select [ use the following DNS server address ]
  6. Enter your SmartDNS addresses in both the primary and alternate DNS servers
  7. Click Okay button and right click on the close button twice
  8. Finally, access & get out potlucker through your browser


To maintain your usage for your Putlocker site, a VPN and the SmartDNS are your best methods. Both are affordable and easy to use. Through both procedures, you can also access other blocked sites. Therefore, to enjoy free movies and series, use the above fixes to stream more content from free putlockers new site today.

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