Awesome Websites For Ocean of Pdf Alternative

Are you a lover of downloading Ebooks? If your answer is yes, then you have heard of the Ocean of PDF website, which use to be the home of free PDF, Ebooks, and Epubs and much more free of charge. It’s one of a kind sites that encourage readership at its high rated time of existence. Anyone who had financial constraints but needed a book to read, he will find the ebook on the webpage to download and get your brains glued to the reading page to page. The site had a lot of traffic with the rapid growth of data collection. It was a simple blog with slightly over 7871 pages.

A simple search of the book by its name, author, or genre and with an optional feature to request the book as a user from the site, you will get the results in a span of just a few clicks. The request feature helps for more books to be uploaded on the website for users to gain access. Due to its free postings of books without consulting authors, they had a massive problem with the innovator of the web site that led to its closure of the shop. The closer of the website had to regenerate other oceanofpdf alternatives with distinct features below.

•    Simple and user interface friendly design.

•    Author and genre books search available.

•    More books added via a request.

•    It gives an allowance for premium book downloads.

•    Free downloads of PDF EPub and ebooks

With the shut of the Ocean of PDF website, few other sites can apply to get free Ebooks, PDF, and Epubs still online. The available Ocean of PDF alternatives include the below stated, they not only work perfectly, but they also give you another chance to engage your readership skills as before.

Bookzz Alternative.

A search engine is the best term for this webpage to finding eBooks online. Bookzz is legal, and it has a vast database of free eBooks with different genres and authors. You only need to visit the web and search your desired eBook to read. Its uniqueness includes being free, legal, and safe, a massive collection of eBooks from various categories, and, more importantly, very easy to download and use.

The site allows user-submitted books, although it is one of the largest ebook directories in the whole world. For you to get an ebook on the website, you need to visit the website, type the name of the book on the search space provided, that will give numerous alternatives of results, then you click on the link of the book you need. Finally, you can either read it online or download it to your PC or phone. Alternative.

With just a few clicks on the site, you get your download of a free Ebook instantly, unlike other Ocean of PDF alternative sites, this one you need to sign up for a free account before you start using it.

You can either decide to search the name of the author or book on the search box or shift to a pool of Ebook database, which subdivides into categories for easy selection. Once you get the book and clicked on it, it will give you options on the format you want to download, which can be TXT, Kindle PDF, etc. You will be obliged to choose the best that fits your desires, and you’re done.


If you’re a computer programmer, then this site is for you. Freetechbooks is the only one that is limited to computers, either programing, engineering or computer science. On this web page, it will be a nightmare to find a pirated eBook, which makes it legal. They do not host ebooks on their server. Instead, they give you a reference site link to download the book. The only thing you will do is to visit the sites, find the book you want, click on the book, and follow the link subsequently and download the books.

With, the author and the readers are brought together on the same site. Independent authors can publish their books at Getfreebooks. Com for free, which other could be an uphill to do it independently while readers get an opportunity to search for their favorite ebooks from the available colossal database.

Using the search box provided, search the ebook or visit the category on the pool from the menu, once you get the book, click on it and get your new window to download.

It contains a vast database, a user-friendly interface, and it allows the author and the reader to get the services for free.

It was founded back in 2004 as a library for digital format books, which allows the reader to download in straightforward steps provided. The site enables authors to publish their books for the readers who might have an interest in their contents. Daily updates give the site a high notch level for readers to get some new content to refer to hence making it the most preferred across the world. is unique on its way since the quality of books uploaded on the site is vital than the quantity itself; hence no compromising of book quality for a better service to the readers.

The best feature of is that. It’s faster when on downloads, and it has a massive collection of ebooks due to daily updates, and promotes authors of their new works, which some time can be hard to publish independently, more importantly, it’s a user-friendly interface.

To access the ebooks, you need to search the book, click on the book, and you’re referred to a link to download it from third-party sites like amazon.


With shut down of Oceanofpdf, we’ve provided you the best alternatives to choose from in case you’re stuck on what next. If you are an enthusiastic reader of books, then don’t estate to visit the site and grab yourself a copy of eBook to read and enrich your brains.

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