The Efficacy Algorithm: How To Maximize Time With PDF Conversion Tools

Most companies today have requirements for new employees that they must be able to adapt and make use of their time wisely so that productivity is efficient and as less time-consuming as possible. Therefore, seminars and workshops aimed at educating people on how computer software and online web tools are held regularly in their respective departments.

A topic that has surfaced recently in numerous forums about productivity is the existence of online software tools that aid in converting and managing PDFs. It’s quite astonishing to think about how the handling of paperwork has evolved from physical to digital in the last few years. If you want to get more information about PDF conversion tools to help efficacy, then read on.

PDF Conversion In A Nutshell – Feat. GoGoPDF

There are numerous ways that PDF conversion can help you become more efficient, and one of those ways is the ability to do it one way or the other. Software that is designed for the sole purpose of PDF conversion has, in most cases, an option to convert and revert back to the original file. If you don’t quite understand that, then here is one example of a website known to provide high-quality tools for free.

GoGoPDF became a hot topic for professionals and students alike when it first got released online. The company has stated that GoGoPDF is entirely free, and a premium subscription will come sometime in the future with added features. That’s unbelievable given the fact that their software functions like a paid application.

GoGoPDF does all your raw PDF conversions from Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, and even the ability to merge and split PDF. It goes without saying that the website also has its own encryption and decryption technology should you need to protect your files. PDF locking and unlocking is a useful way to ensure your files’ safety whenever you need to transfer them online.

Navigation and User Interface

While browsing through GoGoPDF and familiarizing yourself with its features, the homepage showers you with an abundance of instructions, should you find yourself lost and don’t know where to start. It is worth mentioning that despite having complicated features, GoGoPDF does a great job of presenting its functionalities in a user-friendly way.

The fluidity of the interface is top-notch as well, having quick and easy transitions between tabs. The level of quality that the platform gives is quite rare for a tool that is offered for free. Users also can use GoGoPDF on their smartphones and tablets as the website is completely compatible with mobile browsers like Safari on iOS.


You can find most of your compression and conversion available on the first few tabs of their tool menu. GoGoPDF has certainly made new fans with its easy-to-use, non-intrusive upload feature as some applications complicate its users with advertisements and pop-ups. There are no advertisements on the GoGoPDF official website besides their links to their social media pages.

A feature that surprises new users is the ability to sign and protect PDFs. The ability to do that on a free web tool is uncommon, especially considering that GoGoPDF is relatively new to the market. It shows that results get delivered if a company is dedicated to making something that society can benefit and gain new ways of becoming more efficient both in profession and academics.

Security protocols for GoGoPDF are second to none as they only have the latest in software security technology to protect customer’s files 24/7. If you have any doubts about your files’ integrity as they are uploaded and downloaded on their website, they have a customer support chat waiting for 24/7 to answer any queries.

Another topic frequently asked on their website is how their paid subscription works and will it ever get implemented. GoGoPDF has stated that they are working on it, and an update to the website will happen once they’ve worked out all the bugs and decided on a fixed amount for the subscription fee.


You can’t find anything quite like the functionality and practicality that GoGoPDF offers with their website. Beginners and long-time users of the webtool have been surprised at how it is jam-packed with features and remains free to use. A company is only as good as the people who can vouch for it, and GoGoPDF has undoubtedly become a technological gem that many professionals and amateurs adore.

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