How To Fix High Packet Loss On Your Xbox One

Do you know how to fix high packet loss for Xbox one? Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your Xbox one freeze in the middle of a game. But, with our comprehensive guide, we’ll show you How to fix high packet loss on Xbox One.

Fix high packet loss by resetting your Xbox One and formatting all the data. Also, use a VPN if your ISP provider is the problem. You can also restart your router, modem, and the devices you’re using.

High packet loss is a hitch that can happen at any level of your gaming experience. Learning what it is and mastering how to fix it is worth the effort.

How can I fix high packet loss for Xbox One?

You can fix high packet loss for Xbox One by formatting your game and updating your software. Fix the hitch by increasing your bandwidth and installing strong anti-spyware. Optimize your experience by changing obsolete hardware devices like routers, modems, and even your PC.

What Is High Packet Loss?

In gaming, packet loss refers to when you send a data bundle, but it doesn’t reach its destination because of a jittery computer network or failure. When it is a high packet loss, then the percentage of your data leakage is high. The bundles leak halfway, leading to a loss rendering the whole packet becomes unreadable and a waste.

The way we determine a high packet loss is through a percentage calculation. If the percentage is between five and ten percent, this is high packet loss. That means the quality will be affected significantly by the packet stream. Safe streaming is less than one percent of the packet loss. A range of one to two percent is an acceptable packet loss.

What Causes High Packet Loss?

1. Network Congestion

When the number of internet users rises at a specific time, the result is network congestion. This causes a higher percentage of packet loss. It also implies that the available network cannot accommodate the increased traffic. 

To illustrate this well, figure out when you used home office Wi-Fi with a dozen friends who came over for a party. Everyone got busy doing their stuff with their gadgets.

Your internet connectivity became weak, such that you couldn’t download some files on your phone. Your home network was congested. Later, you found out that some files didn’t half downloaded, and you had to repeat the exercise. 

That’s what happens with packet loss. You expect three things: network congestion, high packet (data) loss, dropped data, or the data arrives later when it is too late.

2. Server-Side Leak

If you are using SSR (Server-Side Rendering), you are likely to encounter some data leakage. The leakage could be malicious or accidental. Server-Side leaks mean something even more severe; that you could be losing private and sensitive data to scumbags out there.

The hackers overload the network system with thousands of requests until they crash it. They go ahead and create a Denial of Service (DoS) and tell the internet routers to leak or drop your packets. That then degrades the quality of internet connectivity.

This kind of manipulation happens when you have an improper network configuration. You end up being a victim of high packet loss, among other losses associated with server-side data leakages.

3. Damaged Data Cables

You could be experiencing high packet loss due to a damaged data cable. The damage could be as a result of several factors;


A humid environment is not friendly to data cables. This happens if the cabling was done underground. When it rains, groundwater intrudes, bringing electrical stress into your data cables. That causes cracks on the piping and lowers the insulation. Lowered insulation damages data cables, one of the reasons why you have a high packet loss.


Unknown to many people, rodents love the cables and wiring insulating materials. They stealthily hack and rip your exposed wire cables, causing undisclosed damage. One of those is your high packet loss. The data is not reaching its destination because a knack rodent got away with a small part of the cable’s system. 

Poor Quality Cable System

Quality cables should withstand a range of transmission inputs. Many cables in the market are counterfeits that are susceptible to damage and data loss. A slight Mother Nature visit will leave poor quality cables into pieces.

Unknowingly, you have a good gaming experience, but your packets are not reaching their destination. The right quality cables are ideal for sending packets without loss at all.  

Whenever there are flawed or damaged cables on your side or the destination side, this leads to a jittery network. It leads to high packet loss.

Excess Heat 

Like moisture, excess heat is dangerous to cables. If the cable system gets too hot, their insulation is degraded, resulting in damage and poor transmission.

The heat which is damaging your cables could be coming from your building or outside. Well, insulated data cables do not get this problem.

4. Wi-Fi Interference

Sometimes, Wi-Fi troubleshooting may happen. This will often lead to intermittent connectivity, poor network signal, and slow connectivity. When this happens, the result is leakage of your data and high packet loss. This may happen unknowingly. 

However you try in your Xbox one, you will continue losing your packets. If you are clueless about what is happening or do not have the troubleshooting tips for your Wi-Fi, you will have a high packet loss on Xbox one.

Obsolete Hardware

Have you checked whether your hardware devices are up to date? Devices like routers, modems, and even your computer or mobile could be outdated. That way, you are experiencing a high packet loss.

Never assume that your internet hardware is always up to date. Suppose you have experienced persistent packet loss hitch check whether all the stuff you are using for Xbox One is up to date. 


A recent attack could be causing you to lose your packets. You haven’t experienced any hitch with other applications on your device, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t been attacked. A software malfunction due to several bugs can cause you to lose heavily.

How To Check For Packet Loss On Xbox One

You have been losing consistently on Xbox One. How do you check for the packet loss? This can be a tricky exercise, but we will show you how to check for your packet loss in a few straight-off steps.

  • Plugin your Xbox One and start the Settings app.
  • Navigate straight to the Network tab and open the Network settings.
  • While there, select Detailed Network Statistics and wait patiently for the test to complete.
  • When the test is complete, you will display your downloads, latency, upload speed figures, and finally, your packet loss. 

How to fix high packet loss on Xbox One (step by step)

You have just checked for the packet loss on your X box One and found out that you have packet loss. So, what’s next?

Firstly, you need to know that if it has to do with overcrowded servers, network congestion and there is nothing to do about it. You have no choice other than to wait for the heavy traffic to ease. Hanging out there on your Xbox One will only make you lose more.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can fix high packet loss on your Xbox One. 

1. Hard Reset Your Xbox One

Getting your Xbox a hard reset will work effectively. That is if it is a troubleshooting issue. By hard reset, we mean formatting by removing all the data and resetting.

  • Close all the game apps
  • While offline, go to your Xbox One game and reset it. You can do that by clearing your MAC address.
  • Switch on the Xbox One game and connect to an Ethernet/wired connection.
  • Enable the QoS feature (we assume that you have configured the QoS settings)
  • Now check whether the console is working.

But, What if formatting fails?

2. Vpn

You can only try this option if you are sure that your Internet Service Provider is the primary cause of the high packet loss of Xbox One. Contrary to that, it will be a vain attempt.  

3. Ethernet Works

Wireless connections tend to be unstable. Switch on to Ethernet connection to see if it works.

4. Restart Your Router, PC, Modem, And Bluetooth

In the past, you have perhaps experienced a mobile phone hitch and ran to your repairs technician. All they did was switching off and on your gadget that had “serious” issues. That’s a simple remedy that has always worked when dealing with tech gadgets.

It’s a fact that wireless headphones, keypads, mouse or speakers interfere with internet connectivity. Turning on and off restarts the apps and will always narrow down for you the causes of your high packet loss. 

 5. Take Note Of The Damaged Cable And Contact Your ISP

If the wires are damaged a couple of meters away from your condo, you may not know unless your service providers come inspecting. After a heavy downpour or storm, you notice low connectivity, get into contact with your provider to fish out any cable damage. It is only after repair that you will enjoy your game without losing packets

6. Increase Your Wi-Fi Bandwidth

If your bandwidth is short, you will always experience packet loss on your Xbox One gaming. Fast bandwidth leads to network congestion. Talk to your ISP to increase your bandwidth.  

7. Update Your Xbox One Software

If you have been tapping Remind Me later whenever your Xbox One software update popped up, then that’s why you are suffering from high packet loss. This is a detailed activity that requires patience but worth effort.

You will have to close out all the tabs and reinstall an updated version of Xbox One software. That will take away your pains, but remember to update when the notification pops up to avoid more losses.


Why Is My Packet Loss So High?

Your packet loss is high because of inefficient data crying components. The reasons for inefficiency could be congested networks, faulty hardware devices, routers, and damaged cables. It could also be a result of outdated game software.

When the Wi-Fi signal strength is poor due to a fast bandwidth, you will experience high packet loss. The only way to reduce this loss is update your gaming software and have the damaged cables repaired. You can also ask your ISP provider to extend your Wi-Fi bandwidth.

Is 100% Packet Loss Bad?

Firstly, 100% packet loss implies that the packet you sent did not reach its destination. The results were that the servers didn’t respond. 100% is to the extreme and harmful. It means that you are losing data 100%.

The 100% packet loss is an indication that you are not accessing the Internet connectivity. Network congestion, damaged cables, virus attack, 100% server-side data leakage are some of the factors that could lead to 100% packet loss. If you could narrow down the cause, that is easier to handle.

How Do I Find Out What Is Causing Packet Loss?

 Getting to the root cause of hefty packet loss is prudent. To find out what is causing the loss, you will have first to grasp the parts of the internet connection that are stable. After, check those that are having issues. Here is a simple step of how to do that. 

  • Skim through the trace route to the game’s remote endpoint. That will determine if the router hops its terminus.
  • Conduct a ping test on the router hops. This step will tell you where the network is stable or unstable.

Is Some Packet Loss Average?

A Normal packet loss is also known as acceptable. A packet loss of less than 2.5% is acceptable and will not affect the game significantly your gaming experience. Any packet loss depends on data that has been sent and on the medium. Data mediums include video, audio. These two have an average packet loss of 3-5%. Other mediums have more packet loss average.

Does Packet Loss Affect Gaming?

The fact is, packet loss affects gaming. It causes degrading VOIP and video when it is streaming from the audio or video feeds. The cursors and animation become slow, making it hard to play the real-time games. HTTP and FTP only slow down and are usually not affected by packet loss.  


You don’t have to experience high packet loss if it is not your fault. Using faulty equipment, updating the apps, and failure to check damaged cables are some of the DIY you can try to prevent packet losses.

If it is Mother Nature, you can wait until it is over, contact your ISP, and have the technical hitch sorted. You will go back to your exciting game experience once all these temporary problems are solved.

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