GoGoPDF Guide: In And Outs Of Portable Document Format (PDF) Security System

You can control the number of individuals who can access your Portable Document Format (PDF) file using a function that a third-party online PDF converter tool offers. This function will put an encrypted password to your PDF files to have better security. This allows you to keep specific individuals that you don’t want to access your PDF file.

For that reason, you need an online PDF converter tool to help you protect your PDF file from people with bad intentions. In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of the things you can do to make your PDF file an additional feature for security. First, we need a reliable online PDF converter tool to help us put security in our PDF files.

About GoGoPDF

When we talk about an online PDF converter tool, it should be a helping tool that will ease our lives in handling PDF files. However, it is a troublesome experience to choose the best online PDF converter tool in today’s time. A broad number of choices is available on the internet, making it challenging to find the best online PDF converter tool that will suit your needs.

GoGoPDF comes on top of the most recommended online PDF convert tools today. One of the particular reasons why most people who have document necessities are using their services is the number of functions available on their website. They offer a diverse option of functions, including Convert PDF files into another format, Optimize PDF, Protect PDF, and a lot more.

The broad number of functions and its diversity is not the only thing their platform offers. Every document that goes to their system is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Each document uploaded to their system is deleted after an hour when you are done using their services. This makes your PDF files have better security and keeps them away from the naked eye of the public.

Another reason to choose GoGoPDF as your leading platform in providing your PDF file necessities is about the overall quality of every PDF file. This is one of the most important things you should look for in an online PDF converter tool, especially when you have images in your PDF files. As GoGoPDF almost has it all, you should check it out.

In And Outs Of PDF Security

You can have options on what kind of security you want to put in your PDF file. You can either place an encrypted password to your PDF file or restrict certain features like editing and printing things in your PDF file. Keep in mind that you cannot prohibit people from copying your PDF files. However, your PDF file copies will also have the same restriction you set with the original.

Document Open Password

Document open password or most commonly known as user password, is a security function that requires the owner of the PDF file to type in the password to have access to the PDF file.

Permission Password

Permission password, most commonly known as the master password, asks permission to configure the PDF file. This kind of security feature allows any user to browse your PDF file. You will need the consent of the PDF file owner to be able to edit, print, or share the PDF file. 

Deciding on what security feature to use might be confusing to you. However, you can use both of these security features to your PDF file to assure better security. Using both security features is beneficial for you to have certainty with its safety.

How To Put A Security Feature To Your PDF File

Here is a detailed explanation of how to put the security feature in your PDF file. You will need to visit the website of GoGoPDF to use their distinct functions that will allow you to place an encrypted password to your PDF file. The next step is to click on the function and follow the step-by-step instruction provided to you.

  • Upload the PDF file that you want to encrypt a password into.
  • Type in the password you want to have in your PDF file.
  • In this step, GoGoPDF will allow you to share your PDF file with your desired recipient.
  • You can now download your converted PDF file into your storage.


The security of your document should be utmostly treated with the highest importance, and the best thing you can do is put an encrypted password to your PDF file to limit the people who can access your PDF file. GoGoPDF will help you with all the necessary tools and the step-by-step procedure to have better security for your PDF files.

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