Glowforge 3D Laser Printer Now Available To Create Intricate Designs

Glowforge clients are now happy thanks to the announcement that the new Glowforge 3D Printer is available in the market. The company, headquartered in Seattle is not stopping at anything on its quest to provide clients with the best 3D printer that comes with latest features that conforms to the modern times.

The new 3D laser printer is now available on selected stores. Clients can get this home or office appliance at a cost of not less than $2,495. This price is for Glowforge’s 3D Printer base model. The most advanced model costs and upward of $5,995.

While some companies that manufacture printers focus on traditional printers, Glowforge seeks to design subtractive 3D printers. This is one difference that exists between this latest model of Glowforge 3D printer and the rest that for a long time are dominating the market.

Traditional 3D Printers Vs Glowforge 3D Printer

According to Glowforge’s CEO Dan Shapiro, there is a huge difference between their 3D printers and those of their competitors. To start with, traditional 3D printers come with a hot glue gun. It is usually very tiny.

The other that characterizes traditional printers is that manufacturers tend to build printers on melted plastic. They believe that because it is melted, they can build a durable printer by laying one layer of plastic upon another. Whether hot or cold, a plastic will always remain to be plastic. Temperature doesn’t make it something else.

In the case of Glowforge, the company uses subtractive technology. Shapiro says that Glowforge doesn’t use additive as their competitors.

Glowforge starts by putting a small piece of fabric, cardboard, leather, or even wood. After that, it is now the work of the laser to cut whatever material that is on the printer. The laser then engraves the material until the final product is out.

How To Set Up And Operate Glowforge 3D Printer

It is not hard to set up and operate Glowforge 3D printer. Put it simply, there are three basic steps.

  1. You need to set up your design file.
  2. After setting the file, you then need to upload it to Glowforge App.
  3. Allow the application to determine which part of the material the design will be.
  4. Unlike in traditional printers where you will make decisions, Glowforge 3D printers make work easier. Once everything is set appropriately, the app decides the part to design.

What is more is that in case you are using materials that Glowforge promotes, work is even easier. You will not adjust the laser but the printer will automatically handle that for you.

Variety of custom designs you can sell. You do not have to struggle to look for designs. Glowforge has a multitude of ideas thanks to the company’s robust online presence.


It is easy to setup Glowforge. You do not need to have specific software for it to run. Access can possible via any browser. You only need to install the appropriate the right app on your tablet, PC, Smartphone, or Mac to keep going. The 3D printer works via Wi-Fi.

With the new Glowforge 3D printer, you can use virtually anything in the market to achieve what you need.  Whether it is a JPEG, PDF, GiF, CAD, or even Microsoft Word, you can achieve your 3D design.

You only need to draw a sketch of what you need on whatever basic design package you can access. Afterward, you can export the designs to the machine.

It is easy to create quality 3D images from other software such as Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk 360, Sketchup, GIMP, and CorelDraw.

Glowforge 3D printers have the ability to print quality designs on a number of materials. It is easy to say that the printer has the capability of printing on virtually anything.

It works on the following materials among others:

  • Ceramic.
  • Glass.
  • Laptops.
  • Stone.
  • Chocolate.
  • Paper.
  • Fabric.
  • Metal.
  • Cardboard.
  • Acrylic.
  • Wood.
  • Leather.

The printers even go an extra mile to offer to grade on the designing material. If Glowforge 3D printer detects that the material is not of good quality, it auto-adjusts the printer thus offer the appropriate 3D design.

Common Type of Glowforge 3D Printers

Currently, there are three main latest versions of the Glowforge 3D printers. The basic of these is the Glowforge Basic. When announcing in April this years, the company set things straight that this is the basic of the three.

Glowforge Basic goes for around $2495. It is true that the price may differ from one online store to the other. You can check which online store sells it at a price that is friendly to you.

It is ideal for use at home. With it, one can craft and design many things on various materials.

The second one is Glowforge Plus. It comes with additional components and features. The laser is also powerful. In fact, it prints 20% faster than Glowforge Basic.

If you decide to use it, then prepare yourself to use $1500 more. On average, you will get it at $3,495. The beauty about Glowforge Plus is that everything about it is almost double Glowforge Basic. This includes the double warranty that accompanies Glowforge Plus.

The last one on this series is Glowforge Pro. As the name suggests, this is for professionals designers. Those who are in serious business decision to purchase this type of printer. It does not only give them real value of their money but also gives results on a fast turnaround.

This 3D printer tackles even bigger projects such as home furniture, creating designs for interior décor, as well as other outdoor designs. It is super-fast. On average, Glowforge Pro goes for $5,995.


Glowforge is doing all it can to create 3D printers that will satisfy their clients. Whether you choose the smallest of them all, the Glowforge Basic, the second in that rank, the Glowforge Plus, or the gigantic Glowforge Pro, you will get the 3D printing service you need. Let the features of this 3D laser printer fascinate you. Make use of the warranty that Glowforge provides for each printer. In the end, whether you are buying for home use, moderate or professional use, Glowforge 3D printer is the best choice.

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