How to Remove Virus: Updated Removal Guide is one of the aggressive PUPs designed to promote adult content websites (www fuq com), rogue websites and pornographic websites to the users. The website uses ad popups that users should click and as a result install fuq viruses in their personal computer. The redirections expected on the fuq website collect banking and personal information of the users without their consent. Perhaps, you did not know that the popups and redirects come from the targeted open source advertisements that currently seem to have no end.

The website is a conventional threat because the popup adverts contain adware and browser hijackers. The owners promote the website as a free pornography-watching website ( but every video you click on will redirect you to a malicious website. Even though the link might provide you with the video, you are likely to get an infected video along with other applications or tools that you do not need.

After the redirection process starts, the web adware and the browser hijacker install in your computer through the freeware programs. Apart from that, any click on the ads or popups will create revenue through PPC and the cyber attackers get a profit, which they share with the advert publishers. Because your website is likely to be infected with adware when using, you should be ready to face the constant notifications, popups, and alerts.

How the malware from will affect your computer

Each time you visit this pornographic website, you will find adware offering many free adult pornographic games and does not require you to make any account. Immediately you click on the video icon, the adware will redirect your website browser to another untrusted website. Most of the links are seemingly friendly but they are insecure.

The chain of clicks and redirections will continue for a long time until your computer is finally infected. After infiltration, the adware starts gathering your IP address, the URLs of the websites you have visited, your search queries and the basic information on your browser.

The collection part has no issues but after they gather your data, they will misuse it and that can lead to theft and other privacy issues. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to remove the virus and the redirect from your computer. A quality virus scanner will tell you whether your computer has any cyber infections.

Some of the other problems to expect after opening the website include:

  • The website will consume much of your CPU power and lower computer performance.
  • Your computer will start booting up without a reason and freezing as you work.
  • After you have started using the website, you should expect slow website-loading speeds, which might stop the internet unexpectedly.
  • Fake message and notification popups to update your computer operating system
  • Irrelevant website search redirections that might negatively affect your web browsing experience
  • It will gather your personal data such as the banking details, IP addresses, login credentials and passwords
  • It will change the registry editors of your Windows operating system so that the anti-viruses and anti-malware cannot detect the malware it sends.
  • Automatic download of many executable files from the unsecured websites and other unknown sources
  • The malware will send emails and maintain your online presence on social media websites while you are not connected to the internet.

If you have been wondering how you ended up with many advert-supported programs on your personal computer, you should try to remember all the software programs you have installed recently. Shareware and freeware come with some additional files that are of no benefit to the users and therefore it is always good you follow Automatic Installation or the Custom Advanced installation when downloading any shareware or freeware. The popups on can enter your computer easily without your permission and cause annoyance in addition to harming the processor. Because malware adware locks itself into the operating system, you will have to implement a removal process.

The virus removal method

You have to adopt one of the two adware-removal processes. Choose either the automatic removal method or the manual removal method. Here is a quick introduction to each of the two methods.

  • Automatic removal method

Adware will always display ads that you are not certain about their legitimacy. Therefore, you will need to install a Malware Crusher to prevent the adware from gathering your personal information. Go for an antimalware program with various removal capabilities such as real-time protection features, quarantine feature, and capability to detect keylogging. Keylogging bars the malware from connecting to your computer remotely and recording the data.

An effective malware crusher should also shield your website against Adware, Ransomware, Browser Hijackers, Malware, Extensions, Viruses and Trojans from accessing the operating system. A malware crusher will visit every domain, URL, and webpage to protect you from the fraudulent entities. The full-time online protection will block the ransomware from accessing your files and holding them as a hostage. After downloading the Malware Crusher, remember to run a quick full scan, which should fix the computer within 5 minutes.

  • The manual method

The automatic method provides faster and effective results. On the other hand, the manual method involves several steps and to execute them, you will need technical knowledge. Moreover, the execution of the steps might not provide you with the desired results. To remove the malware from your computer, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together for your computer to open the Task Manager. Search for the suspicious files and then click on “End Task”.

Press the Windows key + R together to open the Run box window. On the window, you will find the “Programs and Features” window. Select all the suspicious programs and uninstall the fuq com virus. After you are through with the uninstallation, restart your computer and go to the “Programs and Features” to check whether the virus is still present.

If they do not exist press the Windows Key + R together to open the RUN box window. Now, type regedit in the text box and hit Enter. Click Yes and proceed to HKEY, HKLM, and other files and find any suspicious file. Delete any that you find. Remember to delete the malicious extensions from your Chrome and Firefox browsers too.


After eliminating the malware from your computer, you will have to create a firewall to protect your privacy and system from the common threats. Enable the popup blocker and keep your operating system updated. Furthermore, you will have to avoid the freeware download websites and backup your data frequently. Go for an effective antivirus too from free fuq com.

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