The Expandable Suitcase with Shelves: Fugu Luggage

The modern advanced technology is making almost every aspect of our daily life easier and simpler. Despite the many advancements, one product that some individuals use on a daily basis has not been progressing – the suitcase. However, that has now changed after the introduction of the FUGU Luggage – a new innovative lifestyle product, which adjusts to match the needs of modern day travellers. The manufacturer has measured the Fugu Luggage to ensure that it complies with the standard airlines size limitation on baggage. The suitcase can therefore expand from the standard sized carryon to the maximum sized check-in.

The expandable luggage design

Fugu Luggage is more than a way of transporting belongings – it makes your travelling easier. It comes with built-in shelves, which the user can collapse or attach to make it a storage unit. In fact, the Fugu Luggage helps the users avoid unpacking and repacking their belongings in their hotel rooms or during Airbnb stays. When using it, you will be able to separate the dirty laundry from the neatly folded clothes after designating some shelves.

If you are a professional who needs to travel a lot or you are a professional planning to explore many parts of the world, the suitcase is a perfect choice. It doubles as a portable table, making it a great choice for remote employees in need of laptop stand, reading desk or makeup dresser. The Fugu also features a removable laptop case providing the users with an option of carrying their laptop computer to any place during their travel. However, you can use the removable laptop bag to carry some other useful items.

What the Fugu Luggage offers

The Fugu Luggage offers three inflation methods:

  • Pressing a button to activate the built-in electric pump
  • Attaching the regular air pump externally
  • Breathing into the external tube

Even though the first option – pressing a button to activate the built-in electric pump -, is the easiest way of expanding the suitcase. You can rely on the other two options to expand the carry-on. All the three methods are easy and fast to use.

Key features of the Fugu Luggage

fugu luggage features

The advanced technology

The manufacturer has positioned the Fugu Luggage to attract most modern day travellers. The luggage also falls in the category of smart suitcases. It features a GPS tracking sensor and an intuitive companion app to power it. If you are a world traveller, you will need to know the location of your luggage throughout the day and the Fugu Luggage allows you to do that in a better way. You just need to keep the Fugu smartphone app running, whether you are sleeping on the beach or hiking.

Another feature that separates the luggage from the competition is the customization option. After buying the Fugu Luggage, you can customize it to match your experience. For example, you can inflate the bag for a one-month journey or deflate it so that you can only carry the most important items. The inflatable nature of the Fugu Luggage provides travellers with more choices in-between the carry-on and the check-in.

Fugu Laptop Case

The producer includes a removable laptop case that will double as your laptop stand. The custom-made laptop case can fit into or on the Fugu Luggage and you can use it to store other personal items including to the laptop. That provides you with the option of moving with all your personal items throughout the day or leaving your items in the hotel room.

Durable material

The producers uses durable material, which are already proven strong enough to pass attitude crash tests successfully. Moreover, the suitcase is waterproof and its walls absorb shock easily to absorb the items you have stored inside.

Fugu expandable suitcase with shelves

The product comes with in-built in shelves that you can attach or collapse when need arises. With the shelves, the Fugu Luggage functions as a storage unit too and that alone will eliminate the need of unpacking into a hotel closet and repack when leaving. With the shelves, your belongings will remain neat and tidy in your entire journey. Whether you choose to collapse or expand the Fugu Luggage, the process of adding or removing belongings will be easier.

Fugu Table

The height and width of the Fugu Luggage makes it a good choice for people looking for a portable table. In other words, you can convert the carry-on into a portable table and use it for various purposes like a makeup dresser, laptop stand or a reading desk.

The weight

The weight of the Fugu Luggage is not very different from that of the average suitcases. Apart from the addition of an extra handle and inflatable walls, the additional weight is less than one pound. The manufacturer uses plastic to make the product and you should therefore expect it to be light than the standard cloth suitcases in the market today.

Fugu Vacuum Bags

The pump that you will use to inflate Fugu Luggage’s walls will also deflate it to make the vacuum bags more convenient for travellers. The inbuilt pump eliminates the need of carrying an external pump for deflation purposes.

The movement

The Fugu Luggage is easy to drag in any of the two forms. You can turn it 360 degrees (full circles) due to the addition of spinner wheels. It is easier to drag on the streets.


  • The Fugu Luggage complies with the airline standard luggage limitations
  • Features shock absorbent expandable walls
  • Comes with GPS locator technology
  • The manufacturer uses waterproof materials to make it
  • Comes with a in-built custom-made electric pump


  • It is not available in all parts of the world


Fugu Luggage is dedicated to revolutionizing how we travel. The inflatable waterproof walls allow the user to convert the product from a check-in suitcase to a carry-on. It is an ideal choice for individuals who pack less when travelling but require more space to pack more space to pack gifts for the friends and the family and personal collectibles. You can expand it from the maximum regulation carryon size to the maximum regulation check-in size. Currently, fugu luggage price is the most versatile in the market.

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