Best-Selling Frederique Constant Watches

Frederique Constant is a watch brand that has only existed for over three decades, but it is already one of the best watch brands in the world today. It is mostly lined in with the older and more prestigious watch brands in the world because of the quality of its watches, and as a new watchmaker in the industry, it is truly a legacy. 

The watch brand offers tons of watch types, from business watches and dress watches to sports, and diving watches. Frederique Constant watches do not disappoint, and their watch-making quality has grown more reliable than ever. Here are some of the best-selling watches that you can get from Frederique Constant.

Frederique Constant Classic Collections

From the collection name itself, this watch collection is the Frederique Constant Classics. It has a fresh set of watches that feature a clean and organized look. It displays the whole classic vibe that you can easily pair in any attire, whether for business, casual, or sports. 

The best-selling watch model in this collection is the Frederique Constant Automatic. This watch has an aesthetic look, and it features a solid gold case that measures 37.5mm. It runs on an automatic movement and can last up to 38 hours because of its power reserve. 

The watch also displays a convex sapphire crystal and has about 26 jewels on it.

Next to the Automatic is the HeartBeat Moonphase. This watch model displays a yellow gold-plated stainless steel case that measures about 40mm. There are also written Roman numeral markers on the watch, and it features a stunning sapphire crystal glass. 

Frederique Constant Manufacture Collection

The watches for the manufacture collection features in-house movements. This watch collection was first launched in 2001, and it features a high-end FC-9xx caliber. One of the best watches in this collection is the Classic Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Manufacture, which features a powerful mechanism. 

This watch was offered in a limited edition and only had 88 pieces. Aside from the automatic tourbillon and its perpetual calendar, this watch has a stainless steel case with 3 parts and measures about 42mm. 

Another excellent watch in this collection is the Manufacture 710MC4H6, a watch with an in-house mechanical and automatic movement, a polished stainless steel case, a leather strap, and a 42-hour power reserve. 

Frederique Constant Automatic Ladies Collection

This brand has men’s watches, but they also have a collection of ladies’ watches worth the investment. Most Frederique Constant ladies’ watches come with a double heartbeat design that features two overlapping metal hearts placed at 12 o’clock. The Double Heart Beat features a polished stainless steel case that measures about 36mm. 

The case has two layers and has 40 diamonds on it. Features also include a stunning white dial, sunray decoration, and has about three silver indexes and six rings. Ladies can also choose from either single rose gold, two-tone stainless steel, or blue alligator leather as a strap.

Frederique Constant Smartwatch Horological Collection

This watch collection is the combination of a modern technology smartwatch and a hand-made timepiece all in one. Other smartwatches in the market today have a digital screen, but for Frederique Constant, they do not have that type of dial. 

The watches feature an analog time, and it provides watch owners to determine their sleep cycles and daily activities. One of the best watches in this collection is the Horological Smartwatch FC285V5B4. 

It features a rose-gold stainless steel case that measures 42mm and has a convex sapphire on it. This might look like a regular watch to some, but it can sync with any Android or Apple phones. 


If you are looking for a modern and high-quality watch to wear on any occasion, Frederique Constant watches are worth trying. The brand has fresh and new watch models that you will truly love and treasure. Although they are somehow unique to the industry, their watches say it is made in high-class quality.

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