A Smart, Self-Sustained Futuristic Living Almost Anywhere With Ecocapsule

If you have been looking for a smart home that is self-sustainable and one that powers itself through wind and solar energy, the Ecocapsule should be your first consideration. The smart home relies on green energy for the needed power and rainwater for constant water supply. It comes as an egg-shaped smart home and the developer claims that it is more efficient. It will work to store water and energy including when you are asleep.

Apart from the innovativeness, the small home offers adequate space for two individuals. A prototype has remained on display in Bratislava, Slovakia. However, if you cannot make it to the country, here is some more information about the smart home.

Here is more information about the smart home by Eco capsule review

eco capsule reviews

Eco pods container homes size and shape

The Ecocapsule will stand at around 15 feet height with wind turbulence (around 4.5 meters high) but without the turbine, the height will increase by around 8 feet (2.55 meters). It is 14.6 feet long and around 7.5 feet wide. Its weight can be over 4189 pounds (1900 kg). The designer chose an egg-shape to collect more rainwater and to minimize heat loss. The water will collect at the bottom of the Ecocapsule and the camper can use it at the shower or faucet.

The ease of transportation

The producer packs two Ecocapsules in a single container measuring 40 feet high and ships them to any part of the world. However, people in Europe should expect to receive theirs shipped in trucks. The smart home comes with four wheels to allow its transportation as a tow. It also comes with two hooks on its roof so that a helicopter, forklift, or crane could easily pick it up for specific or remote destinations.

When transporting the small home, you will have to lower its wind turbine to the lowest point possible to avoid obstacles on the roads. When setting up a camp, you will need to raise the Ecocapsule’s wind turbine so that it can start producing power immediately.

Eco capsule quality

The people behind the Ecocapsule worked hard to ensure that the smart home has the best build materials and features. For example, if you are planning to start living off-grid and you have to remain connected to the internet, the smart home offers data network connection. When living in a place that receives 2G, 3G or 4G data, you will be able to connect with your friends and relatives. That can be difficult to achieve in the real wilderness. Therefore, when residing off-grid, the possibility or strength of a connection might be non-existent.

With a heated floor, a little kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, the Ecocapsule will provide you with the comfort you need when camping. The people behind it designed it with an aim of helping people living for extended periods – more than one year – off the grid. However, you should change the filters on a regular basis and do the necessary maintenance.

The company has guaranteed 100 percent manufacturing quality by providing a warranty, which will be of benefit depending on your country of origin. The sales representative in your region or country has the responsibility of repairing the Ecocapsule. The manufacturer claims that they have designed it in a way that it will meet all the important certifications and safety regulations in your country.

Ecocapsule tent price

This first-generation ecocapsule price estimate around $95,000 (EUR 79,900). The primary goal of the manufacturer is to ensure that the smart home is affordable for all campers and they, therefore, have plans of lowering the price in the near future. To secure your smart home, you will have to deposit 5 percent of the price, which is non-refundable. The deposits will be refundable with the second-generation of the smart home.

The carbon footprint

If you would want to camp in style and without posing any effects on the environment, the Ecocapsule is a great choice. With the solar panels, wind turbine and a rainwater gathering structure at the bottom, the smart home has no emissions. Whether you would want to connect it to the grid or to take it off-grid, the Ecocapsule is self-sufficient. When living in a drought-stricken area, you will be able to pull water from the rivers or lakes to satisfy your needs.

The solar cells situated on the roof will produce around 600 watts of power. The wind turbine generates around 750 watts of power each day. The manufacturer offers a battery to store the unused energy. When fully charged, the battery can supply power for around four days continuously. The manufacturer based the assumption on the 2.2 KW per day consumption, which might be more than your average energy usage per day.

It comes with a waterless composting toilet, which the user can separate from the main unit but the company has plans of providing an incineration toilet with the second-generation units. Moreover, the manufacturer uses lightweight honeycomb panels to make the furniture and finishes it with a wood veneer finish. Some of the furniture pieces to expect include cabinets, a desk, and racks. The other pieces to expect are a folding bed and a mattress measuring 6.5ft x 4.7ft/2m x 1.47m when not folded in addition to kitchen cabinets.

Can I really use the Ecocapsule in any place?

This is one of the commonest questions from nature enthusiasts. The product does not require any building permit. However, you might need permission from the landowners and the relevant authorities – that highly depends on your location. Check with the local authorities, the region, or country’s regulations to know whether you can use it in any place.

The bottom line

Ecocapsule is another great opportunity for campers. You do not have to plug it into traditional water or power supply because it is self-sustaining and will produce the two important resources from your surrounding environment. You can now start imagining of the opportunities to enjoy an authentic life when living in a remote area. The mobile compact home enables off-grid living under many conditions and in many environments. It is designed to house 1-2 individuals. to know what will work in your area, you will have to consult the provided user manual.

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