Easeus Todo Backup Home Review: An Easy To Use Backup Tool For Data Backup And Recovery

Can you imagine how you will feel in the event that you will lose some sensitive data from your PC? It can be information about your company, which is under your custody, or confidential information about your client that if you lose it, you lose the case and the money. That is why you need EaseUs Todo Backup.

What To Look For When Choosing A Backup

There are many things you need to look at when you are selecting a type of backup software to use for your files. You must know that different files or data to backup need a different backup tool.

In fact, it is easy to say that while there’s some backup software that can work across, certain backup tools perform better in particular data. Therefore, it is important to know a few things before you settle on a particular backup tool. Here are some of the things you must consider:

Types of Backup

Not all files require backup. It can be sensitive to images or videos. These may require a bigger space as opposed to files that are in either Word or basic HTML.

Where to Backup From

Certain machines are protected thus it may be a challenge to back up any data. It is important to know in advance if in the event that you land on a backup tool if it can do the job you want it to do.

Where To

Perhaps the last point you need to consider is where you want to back it. EaseUs Todo backup v11 is just software. You need hardware where you will finally store your data. Ideally, the hardware must be spacious to accommodate the data that you do not want to lose. With these things in mind, you can now look for your preferred backup software. Nonetheless, why should you choose EaseUs Todo Backup?

What Is EaseUs Todo Backup?

This is a backing software that enables users to store and put whatever data they deem sensitive in a safe place. The data can be music, especially for a radio station or for a DJ. Alternatively, it can be either files or a folder that contains the information or even a whole hard drive that has the information that is important.

EaseUs todo vs Aomei backupper

If you use EaseUs Todo to back up files, then you know why you must give it credit over Aomei or any other backup software for that matter.

The first and important thing about EaseUs is that it comes with a restore function. You can argue that Aomei has it. Or, you may want to compare EaseUs Vs Minitool, EaseUs Todo backup Vs Aomei back upper, or Aomei Vs EaseUs backup. Whichever you want to compare with, the truth remains that EaseUs Todo restore function is extremely easy to use.

Simply, you need to know how the function operates. For now, it is a good thing to know that you simply need to mount the backup image and make it a virtual hard drive.

What Is Unique About EaseUs Todo Backup v11

The first thing that will draw you to EaseUs Todo Backup v11 is that it works perfectly with other backup methods. It is not like any of its competitors that tend to align with particular methods.

EaseUp Todo supports incremental backup, differential backup, and full backup. All these methods are what many professional IT gurus apply whenever they want to backup sensitive data.

There is no doubt that because of the software’s versatility, there are more than 6 million users today. These users continue to increase each day. As long as they have Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows XP, and Windows Vista and above they enjoy backing up whatever stuff they need.

Supports Backup Destinations

Instead of randomly backing up data in the known or unknown destination, EaseUs Todo Backup makes work easy. As long as you have defined your destination, this backup software arranges things for you.

It starts by building a single file or folder by itself. The file is usually in the form of PBD. This is an easy way to save a backup file to any local hard drive. Others prefer saving this new file in either network folder or simply in external hard drives.

You can also store your new file online. What you only need is to create an online account with Google Drive, OneDive or even Dropbox. Once you have created the account, you only need to login to your account and choose the Cloud Storage as your preferred destination.

This last backup option is quickly gaining unprecedented acclaim thanks to the massive web space. Each person can freely open a cloud account and store an unlimited amount of data for free.

For optimum performance, you need to do a number of things with the EaseUs Todo Backup. Here are some of the things you must ensure if you want this backup software to perform at its best:

Set the write or transfer speed to custom rate.

You may want to compress files e.g to zip before transferring them. This helps transfer a few but big files.

It is good practice to put a password on your new file. Remember that you are backing up these files because they are important. By imposing passwords that nobody knows except you, it shows you are adding security to your sensitive data.

EaseUs Todo Backup has the ability to schedule a backup, which can be conducted offline. If you decide to use this ingenious method, you need to select the files/folders you want to backup in advance.

What Users Like

EaseUs Todo’s ability to utilize the restore feature, with mounts as if it is an actual drive is an impressive thing to many users. This makes the process easy and natural especially when browsing through.

What Users May Not Like

EaseUs Todo Backup Free v11 comes with email notifications. Perhaps because the software is free, the manufacturers can bombard you with several notifications.

Some users do not like the differential backup as well as the higher compression levels that come in handy with EaseUs Todo.

The software does not support weekly or monthly backups.

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