3 Easy Steps in Converting Your PDF to Word Using PDF Bear

Having to retype your PDF file to a Word document is such a tedious thing to do. If you are looking for a way to convert your PDF file to any other file format, then PDF Bear is an excellent online converter tool. It can convert your PDF file to other file formats such as JPG, PNG, PPT, Excel, and so much more. 

PDF Bear is a really convenient way to convert your files as it is compatible with a lot of devices like your smartphones, PCs, laptops, or even your tablets. In its website, they also give out specific instructions on how to convert one format file to another format file. It doesn’t just let you convert it. It also lets you edit, annotate, merge, or split your PDF files.

So, if you want to know how to convert PDF to Word free of any charge, then you better read on with this article. We will be giving you three easy steps in converting your PDF to a Word document. We guarantee you that it is a quick and easy process and works in less than a minute.

Select a PDF File to Convert

Selecting a PDF file to convert to a Word document is really easy as they have already introduced a drag-and-drop feature, or if you want the old and traditional way of just clicking the select file button, you can do either way. 

When you have already selected a PDF file that you want to convert, you just have to wait. And you don’t have to wait for a long time as what we have said earlier, and it just takes less than a minute. All you have to do is just wait, and let PDF Bear do what it is made to do.

Start the Conversion

PDF Bear will save you a lot of time and energy if you choose to convert your PDF files with this online converter tool. It is able to convert your files at a much faster rate than any other converter tool out there. When you have already started the conversion process, it will redirect you to a new page that says that your file is downloading.

If you are worried whether PDF Bear will make any changes to the original or the downloaded document, then you’re worrying for nothing. It will not change anything unless you permit it to by pressing on any specific editing options before you started the conversion process. 

Download Your File

When the conversion process is finished, you can now download your converted file by clicking on the “download” button. You can edit any changes you need on your document, and it will save it on your storage device. They also have a feature where you can alter your files to various user outputs.

When you have downloaded your file, you can now save your file to either your Google Drive account or your Dropbox. It is a convenient online tool that can help you in any of your documents.


So, what do you think? Using PDF Bear is a really simple process. On top of all that, you can use it on Microsoft, Mac, or even Linux operating systems and is compatible with other platforms as well. IIf you think about the convenience that this online converter tool gives you, it just makes life much easier in doing the tasks that we are given.

We highly recommend you in using PDF Bear for all your conversion needs. We can assure you that all your files will be secured as they use an SSL encryption feature. You will be the only one that has access to all your files.

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