Need To Convert PDF Document To A PNG Format? This Web-tool Is The answer!

Are you a graphic designer, or someone who works with photoshop and other related image processing software? There could be a client that sends you a PDF file, but you need it as a PNG to enable you to edit it. So you’re now asking the question, how could I convert this PDF? This article will let you answer all of those questions.

How easy is it to convert PDF to PNG?

By using GogoPDF, converting PDF to PNG is a bliss. A graphic artist is known to be a techy person since the software they use requires advanced technical knowledge. As for the editing software they use, it costs a lot of money to buy a licensed product.

Most of the artists invest in upgrading their systems and purchasing software that they need for producing quality graphics. But for conversion, you only need a fantastic free web-tool to do such work.

GogoPDF doesn’t require any technical knowledge at all. All you need to do is upload, wait and download the converted file. It is excellent since people who are working with graphical designs put more time in their work than trivial things such as file format conversion.

How about from the point of view of an ordinary user? Will it be easier for them to use the web-tool? The answer is yes. As long as you know the basics on how to surf the Internet or how to use a computer, you’ll be able to operate or use GogoPDF.

You might say that file conversion from PDF to PNG format is for professionals. And you may declare the reason is that the image from the PDF document will be used for graphical projects.

That is not entirely true. Students may also use this if their instructor gave them a reference file which is a PDF document, and they need the image from that document for their paper. Then here comes the conversion process, which GogoPDF will provide for you.

PNG graphic file format

It is an image file format that is widely used on the Internet. The images you see on social media or Google can be a PNG image format, and those images don’t have copyright limitations. The memes, image quotes, etc. that you saved on your smartphone or computer can be a PNG file format too. 

Perks of using GogoPDF

GogoPDF is compatible with all operating systems and popular browsers. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows, Linux or Mac as the tool will run smoothly to any of those. One of the cool features of GogoPDF is shareability.

After processing the file conversion, you may share the converted file on your social media accounts, save it on your computer, or keep it on Google Drive or Dropbox. It is an excellent thing to have since we can use cloud services as back up.

The data privacy policy is also implemented with GogoPDF. Even though it is a free web-based tool, the developers still care for your data privacy. It is stated on their website that the file you upload is erased after an hour.

The conversion process is fast. Although processing time is dependent on the size of your file, it will only take minutes for most of the document even in the largest size. The graphical quality of the converted document will not change.

GogoPDF also has multifunctional capability. If you need more than just conversion, the website can also offer you edit, split & merge, sign & security, etc. functionality. It makes you feel like everything you need is on one website.

If you decide to use GogoPDF as your everyday web-based tool, then you may consider upgrading your account to a paid one. It will unlock unlimited storage capacity if you use larger file sizes, and endless tasks or conversion you can do per day.

Not only will you unlock more capabilities of GogoPDF, but you will also help the developers keep the website running. It is a free web-tool, and people are lucky to have one of these today.

Is the website safe to use?

The simple answer is yes. GogoPDF has a policy which protects your file. Terms and agreement are posted before you use the free web-tool. FAQs are available if you encounter common problems.

Company info is listed, and a way to contact GogoPDF is also on their website. Those are the things you could find on the website, and it will help you determine their legitimacy. You may again do research and will see that GogoPDF is safe to use.


If you are searching for a free web-based tool for PDF documents conversion, then you are very fortunate to find GogoPDF. It is an all-in-one free tool for any of your PDF jobs. All you need to do is bookmark their website, and you can always use it anywhere you go.

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