Best Torrent Websites For Music That Still Available in 2021

Are you looking for reliable torrent sites where you can download different genres of music fast? Worry no more- Yes- torrent sites for downloading your favorite music exist!

The best torrent sites for downloading music are The Pirate Bay, Lime Torrents, and Torrent Downloads. Here, you can download your favorite tracks for free.

Did you know that music has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to your health? 

Among benefits of music include: improving your memory, relieving stress, and reducing anxiety. 

For lovers of music, torrenting sites for music are valuable gems. It saves them the trouble of downloading music directly from the internet.

Torrent sites grant music-lovers unlimited access to a variety of song types. The best torrent sites for music categorize songs according to genre, album, or artist.

The best part about torrent music sites is that you get the music free!

Choice of a Good Torrent Site For Music.

Before choosing a  music torrent site to download your songs, you should make the following considerations: 

Safety: This is among the most important considerations to make. An up-to-standard website must provide its users online security features that can detect malware.

Also, it should have a built-in pop-up adblocker.

Speed: An excellent music torrent site will enable you to download multiple songs speedily.

A good internet connection is essential if you want to download music fast. Also, ensure that your device does not contain third-party software which blocks and slows down the internet connection.

Vast Music Collection: The main reason you are using a music torrent site in the first place is to access different types of music. Therefore, the best music torrenting sites must give you just that, a vast collection of music.

Easy to Navigate Interface: A common characteristic of music torrent sites is messy links and texts, making it hard to navigate the site. A good site should aim to reduce these links and texts for easy navigation while on the website. 

Top 10 Best Torrenting Sites for Music

Pirate Bay.

Pirate Bay is one of the largest, oldest, most popular, and among the best music torrenting sites available.

Users of these torrent sites have access to a vast collection of music files.

Music is not the only thing you can download using Pirate Bay. You can also download games,  software, free movies, and TV shows. 

However, The Pirate Bay is prohibited in a total of 29 countries- like the UK and China-. Therefore, to access music torrents in such countries, you need to use a VPN service.

Pop-up ads are not a problem associated with The Pirate Bay.


Soundpark offers solutions to music lovers who find it hard to locate rare albums.

The Music Torrent site gives users access to a manifold of music genres: reggae, hip-hop, blues, pop, heavy metal, and old classics.

For audiophiles who wish to maintain their online animosity, Soundpark does not require any registration.

Other than a user-friendly interface, Soundpark provides the user Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Top picks. This way, its users are always in the know of the site’s famous tracks.

The site being of Russian origin, popular Russian music and albums are a must find.


LimeTorrent is a well-developed, best torrent sites for music with more than 800,000 music files. It provides its users’ single-click torrent downloads.

LimeTorrents displays to a user the size of the download and upload time of each torrent.

Hindi hits and Pinoy songs are also available on LimeTorrent.

Music files in LimeTorrent are considered safe. However, any torrent site can become a victim of virus attacks, and this music torrenting site isn’t an exception.

A prime feature of LimeTorrent is that it does not bombard its users with countless video advertisements and inappropriate content.


RARBG is among the best torrent websites for music that offers verified content and enables users to download Jazz music.

For Jazz music fans, RARBG has a segregated audio library full of all kinds of Jazz music.

Live concerts, drum and bass, country, rock, and other various genres are available to download on RARBG as well.

RARBG was in 2020 given the second-best working torrent site ranking in the VPNtorrents Subreddit.

In spite of RARBG having fewer seeders compared to other sites, you can still carry out fast downloads whenever you visit the site.


TorrentDownloads is considered a general-purpose torrent site. Apart from downloading music, you can also download TV shows, movies, and games.

TorrentDownloads has a massive music file library with music subsections. You’ll find some rare music on TorrentDownloads.

For easy navigation, TorrentDownloads has a straightforward and friendly user interface. To find what you are looking for, you simply type in the name of an artist, album, or song in the search bar.

Unfortunately, TorrentDownloads only lists verified torrents but doesn’t filter the list. Thus, the chances of downloading malware are high. To avoid any problems, use a VPN service.


1337X is among the most popular best music torrenting sites. It has an exclusive section for music.

A simple user interface and recently made modifications on 1337X has made navigating the site easy.

1337X has a sub-categories section where users can search for various music genres, live concerts, DVDs, and discographies. The diverse sub-categories section makes the discovery of music easy.

For each music torrent uploaded to the platform, 1337X displays the uploader’s name, size of the upload, and time of uploading.

The presence of a comment section allows a user to check out reviews on already downloaded content.


Torlock is widely known as a Japanese torrenting music site. It features albums from some of the best Japanese musical groups like AKB48, Ayumi Hamaki, and Mr. Children.

This does not necessarily mean that you cannot find other music from across the world in Torlock.

More popular music torrents on Torlock have a reasonable amount of seeders.

Torlock’s speed is dependable.

Generally, Torlock is considered safe against malware. However, it will not hurt to use a good VPN service to prevent any malware or virus problems. Torlock shows ads even though there are not too many.


For metal music fans who wish to access and download metal music, RockBox is the ultimate way to go.

Some of the famous hard rock torrents you will find on RockBox include famous black metal out of Finland and Swedish death albums.

RockBox ticks the box when it comes to providing users optimum downloading speed. It should last you less than five minutes to download a whole album. 

Reddit users highly recommend RockBox as the leading music torrent website for metal and hard rock music.

Malware is not a huge threat with the use of RockBox. 


Kickass is one of the best music torrenting sites as you can get access to albums from famous artists like Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Meek Mill.

In addition, you will find Pinoy artists like December Avenue and Ronnie Liang.

Popular music torrents download at an incredible speed because they have many seeders.

Kickass is not considered 100% protected from malicious malware and virus-infected files. Thus antivirus software is of importance.

On Reddit, Kickass has over 15000 members.

Music Torrent.

Music Torrent is a gem for users who are on the lookout for popular music across different genres. Nothing too specific.

The user interface of Music Torrent is exceptional. Music Torrent has a beautiful layout; big clear thumbnails of album covers from different artists.

A well-known attribute of Music Torrent is providing safety against malware. However, it wouldn’t hurt to run your downloads through trusted antivirus software.

Also, to avoid malware problems, you could get a good VPN service that supports torrenting for your device.

Downloading an album will last you not longer than 10 minutes.

How to Download Music Torrents using VPN

A VPN enables you to access torrent websites safely.

Here is how to put up a VPN for secure private access to some of the best torrent websites for music.

  1. Subscribe to a suitable torrenting VPN of your choice. You’ll need to create a username and a password.
  2. Download and install the VPN you have chosen on your device.
  3. Select ‘ Secure Download’ to offset your anonymity while torrenting online.
  4. Proceed to download your favorite music types without an ounce of worry.

Advantages of using Music Torrenting Sites.

The Peer-to-Peer protocol gives forth secure and better downloading. This is because you are relying on many sources and not the central server alone.

If one of the sources is unavailable to complete your download, you can rely on another source to finish the downloading process.

  • Your computer unexpectedly shuts down or receives internet connection corruption while procuring at torrent download shouldn’t worry you.

The moment you are back online, you will continue where you left. You do not have to start afresh.

  • There is a manifold of music torrent sites that work to provide large music libraries. Easy access to many reliable torrent sites is advantageous.
  • Downloading anything on the slow internet can drive you up the wall. If you have access to one of the best music torrenting sites, you can still carry out your downloads even on the slowest internet connection.

FAQs about the Best Torrent Websites For Music

Where can I download pirated music?

Before the internet and all that comes with it took the world by a storm, pirated music was put in DVDs and CDs and then sold.

In this time and age, though, you can easily download and access pirated music from some of the best torrent websites for music like:

  • The Pirate Bay.
  • Soundpark.
  • 1337X.
  • LimeTorrents.
  • RockBox.
  • MusicTorrents.
  • RARBG.
  • TorrentsDownload.

However, it is critical to note that some sites contain malware and viruses, which could pose a threat. Getting a good antivirus is therefore of importance. Getting a good VPN service will also be of great help.

Is downloading free music illegal?

The trickiest part about downloading music is legality.

Heavily because shared music is mainly protected by copyright and downloading or sharing copyrighted music is illegal.

Unless permission of free distribution music is granted by an artist or music labels owning the music. Which is very rare.

If you want to do it the right way, you can visit your favorite artists’ websites, where you can access and even download their music. Usually, you’ll find their music for free, at a cheaper rate, or as a mix.

Alternatively, you can download music from legal sites like Google Play and Amazon.

How can I legally download music?

A huge chunk of people has the impression that all music on the internet is free. That is not the case.

No one needs to be told that artists and record labels put in a lot of funds, effort, and time into music creation. The last thing they would want is the free distribution of their music. Downloading such music is illegal.

Download free music legally from these websites:

  • Amazon.
  • Google Play.
  •  PureVolume.
  • Free Music Archive.
  • Jamendo.
  • SoundCloud.
  • Noisetrade.

Which free VPN is best for Torrenting?

The biggest challenge you could face as a music lover who gets their music from Torrent sites is access to a reliable and free VPN service.

A  compilation of some of the best VPNs include:

  • ExpressVPN.
  • Speedify.
  • Betternet.
  • Tunnelbear.
  • Windscribe.
  • PrivateVPN.

The listed VPNs have undergone testing, and  prime features that make them suitable to use when torrenting include:

  1. Ability to support torrenting.
  2. Protection against location leak.
  3. Fast and reliable speed.
  4. Protection against malware.
  5. Protection against activity check by ISP.

Do I really need a VPN for Torrenting?


Just make sure that you get yourself a reliable VPN service that supports torrenting since not all VPNs do.

Torrenting on its own exposes you to multiple risks like malware and virus.

Torrenting VPNs like ExpressVPN and Windscribe keep your internet torrenting activities anonymous. Also, it encrypts all the data you receive and share.

A fast VPN that offers safety is the best for torrenting.

Apart from ExpressVPN and Windscribe, other VPNs include:

  • Tunnelbear.
  • PrivateVPN.
  • Betternet.
  • Speedify.

So, where do you download music for free??

I have done my due diligence by compiling a list of some of the best torrent sites for music for you. In these torrenting sites, you’ll get all access you ever wanted to all genres of music.

Go forth and unlock all the different benefits music has in store for you.

After all, music is considered a form of magic, and we all need a little magic sometimes.

Ensure to take all the necessary precautions while at it, though!

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