7 Best Time Lapse Apps for Aspiring Photographers

Time-lapse apps are essential for photography and videography enthusiasts who wish to shoot outstanding time-lapse videos using their smartphones. The apps have amazing filters that make your videos more eye-catching.

Furthermore, the time lapse photography apps have innovative features that help you refine a video’s resolution or size, and share it directly to your favorite social network. Some apps can create high-quality time-lapse clips out of pre-existing videos or photos.

Regardless of the benefits, app stores have thousands of time-lapse apps. Some can lift your photography prowess to the next level, while some hard to use apps can stress you out. Are you looking to avoid the less useful type of time lapse apps?

If you are, here are some of the best time-lapse apps you would want to download.

  1. Hyperlapse Instagram for iOS

Would you wish to enhance your time lapse videos with outstanding filters? If you are, download Hyperlapse Instagram time lapse app. Hyperlapse uses Instagram-like filters to create polished, professional-grade lapse clips.

Besides the Instagram like effects, this time lapse video app lets you shoot high-quality videos while in motion. As such, you can use it while cycling, walking, jumping, driving, or engaged in any other activity.

Hyperlapse Instagram lets you share the refined photos directly to your Instagram, Facebook, or any other social platform. Its easy-to-use interface is friendly to amateur and seasoned photographers. You can enjoy these features without creating a user account or making an in-app purchase.

  1. Lapse It for Android or iOS

This award-winning time-lapse app boasts of an intuitive user interface that lets you create and edit quality lapse videos within a short time. You don’t need special video editing skills to use this app.

Lapse It has a fast render engine that creates 1080p quality videos, stunning effect filters that let you reflect your creativity, and a share button that enables you to post the videos directly on Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, and other social platforms.

You can use Lapse It to create fast or slow motion videos from pre-recorded videos and you can use any song in your media library as the video’s soundtrack. Gadget Show ranks it among the best time lapse apps for stop motion and timelapse videos.

  1. Microsoft Hyperlapse for Android

Microsoft Hyperlapse uses modern technology to let you shoot time-lapse videos, or create new videos from pre-captured clips and photos. As well, you can use this timelapse app android to edit, stabilize, and upload the videos to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Why would you download Microsoft Hyperlapse? Microsoft Hyperlapse’s intuitive user interface saves you from the complexities that would waste your time while making or editing your time lapse videos.

Unlike some time-lapse videos that use outdated technology, Microsoft Hyperlapse uses modern technology to smoothen and stabilize your videos. The innovative features would position you above competitors who use obsolete time lapse apps.

  1. Timelapse Pro for iOS

Timelapse Pro has fully customizable settings to let you shoot or create videos. It is an ideal choice for casual photographers or videographers who need an app that can enable them to showcase their creativity in photography.

Timelapse Pro for iOS has over 25 video effects that would let you enhance the emotional effect of your video, as well as cover up flares in your time-lapse video. You can try using all the 25 effects to find what works best for you.

The app lets you use your favorite music as the lapse video’s soundtrack, and set sound effects to alert you when you have started capturing. After shooting and editing your time lapse clip, the app lets you save it to your camera roll for easy sharing.

  1. PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse

PicPac is a two in one app that lets you create stop motion or time-lapse videos from the gallery photos and or clips saved in your android smartphone. Unfortunately, you cannot use this app to shoot new time-lapse videos.

The Pro version of this stop motion and the time-lapse app comes with a sound-controlled manual mode that lets you capture photo using your voice command. This feature is ideal for lone photographers.

Moreover, this time lapse photos app lets you add a customized voice or music to your time lapse videos, remove watermarks from photos, as well as add a logo to the time lapse video you have just created.

  1. Stop Motion Maker for Android

Stop Motion Maker is ideal for photographers and videographers who wish to simplify their video making projects. Using this android app, you can create stop motion or time lapse videos from pre-existing videos and photos.

The app has an opacity slider that lets you re-arrange your clips or photos in an order that makes more sense. It has multiple video filters to enhance your time lapse videos’ visual appeal, as well as minimize reflections that could compromise the quality of your videos.

Stop Motion Maker lets you resize your videos for easy sharing on various social media networks. Moreover, this app has an Instagram platform where you meet and share ideas with budding photographers from different parts of the world.

  1. Framelapse

Are you looking for a time lapse app that can help you shoot high-quality time-lapse clips? If yes, Framelapse would be your most ideal time lapse app. This android time lapse app comes with multiple features that would position you as a pro photographer or videographer.

Framelapse has a frame interval that lets you adjust your video’s speed, and a timer that lets you set your camera’s recording duration. The pro version of this time lapse app turns your screen off during those prolonged recording sessions to save your smartphone’s battery life. Its inbuilt app guide walks you through the process of shooting and or editing lapse videos using the app.

Final Thoughts

A good time lapse app is an affordable way to shoot quality time lapse videos. You can use the app to create lapse clips from pre-existing videos or photos. While the app is such important, finding a type with enough features to take your photography prowess to the next level can be overwhelming. We have selected and reviewed some of the best time lapse apps that would improve your photography prowess to save you from downloading a less useful app. Our recommendations are free to download and easy to use.

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