Best Tethering Apps For Android & iOS : Excellent Options To Share

Are you searching for a way to access the internet using a computer via your phone’s data connection plan? If yes, it is time to download one of the best tether apps for your iOS or Android smartphone.

The apps let you convert your phone to a portable router or surrogate modem. However, while tethering apps are an inexpensive way to access the internet through your smartphone, finding an app that works efficiently can be a real struggle.

For that reason, we have hand-picked and assessed some of the best tether apps for Android and iOS smartphones. Our list of best tethering apps would save you from downloading inefficient types that may not bypass your phone carrier’s tethering restrictions.

Best tethering apps you ought to try.

  • PdaNet+ for Android

PdaNet+ converts your Android smartphone to a high-speed portable router. You can connect a computer or tablet to this makeshift router through the USB cable connection, Bluetooth dial-up, or through Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Android tethering app lets you set a password to prevent unapproved people from using your improvised hotspot. Moreover, this tether app for Android enables you to re-name your hotspot with your most preferred name.

Unlike those hard to set-up tether apps, you only need basic technical skills to set-up PdaNet+ and start surfing the internet. However, PdaNet+’s free version may keep disconnecting you from the internet regularly. As such, you might want to get the paid version to surf peacefully.

  • Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether for android

Are you looking for a tethering app that can let you access internet using multiple devices via your smartphone’s data connection? If yes, Barnacle Wi-Fi tether for android has got you covered.

The free app transforms your smartphone to ad-hoc hotspot that is compatible with your computer, Xbox, tablet, gaming console, Mac, and iOS mobile devices. Setting up Barnacle Wi-Fi is straightforward, and its internet speed is dependable enough to get the job completed.

On the downside, Barnacle Wi-Fi’s download speeds decrease when you connect many devices to the makeshift router, and it only works rooted android phones. Therefore, you would want to root your smartphone just in case you need to use this free tether app for android.

  • TetherMe for iOS

This free tethering iPhone app lets you activate the tethering function on jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and other iOS enabled devices. After activating the tethering function, you can use your iPhone’s hotspot to connect your laptop or desktop to the internet.

Your data carrier can hardly detect TetherMe’s activity, a reason why internet experts recommend it as an excellent solution to cheap tethering apps iPhone that can sell you out. You can connect your computer or laptop to TetherMe’s hotspot using Wifi, USB, or Bluetooth.

  • FoxFi for android

Internet experts rank FoxFi among the best android tether apps. It lets you use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect your gaming console, tablet, or personal computer to the internet. However, if your phone does not support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the USB mode.

Why would you download this tethering app? FoxFi requires no specialized software to pair up with your computer, tablet, or gaming console. Additionally, the app is easy to set-up, and you can secure it with a password.

While this app seems like an excellent way to transform an Android phone into a portable router, it might not work in the latest versions of Android. Moreover, you will have to download the premium version since the free version has a usage limit.

  • ClockWorkMod Tether app for android

If you have been looking for a tethering app that cannot be detected by your mobile carrier, ClockWorkMod Tether app would be the most appropriate choice. The app works under stealth to cover you against your carrier.

This tether app converts your android smartphone into a makeshift modem that can help you connect your Mac, Linux, or Windows desktop to the internet. It does not support the Bluetooth of Wi-Fi connectivity.

ClockWorkMod has an intuitive user interface that lets you monitor your internet’s speed while surfing, and it works on both rooted and un-rooted android smartphones. You would need to install virtual network software on your laptop or desktop for this app to work well.

  • iTether for iOS

ITether is one of the best tethering apps iPhone you would find in app stores. This tethering app transforms your iPhone or iPad into a modem to surf the internet using your mobile’s data connection plan.

iTether does not support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, this might not be your ideal tether app if you are looking for a type that would help you connect your computer to the internet wirelessly.

Unlike the free tethering iPhone apps that can put you in trouble with your data carrier, iTether runs as an HTML5 code. For that reason, it would be hard for your internet carrier to find out that you are sharing your phone’s data connection with unauthorized third parties.

  • PdaNet for iPhone

Would you want to turn your iPhone into a surrogate modem or Wi-Fi router? If yes, PdaNet for iPhone would help you convert your dreams into a reality. This free tethering app iPhone lets you use your laptop or computer to surf the internet using your iPhone’s 2G, 3G, or 4G network.

You will have to jailbreak your iPhone before you download and install this tethering app. Just like the Android version, you do not need special skills to run this iPhone tethering app since it is easy to set up. If you wish to use PdaNet on the USB mode, you will have to download and install the PdaNet for iPhone desktop client on your laptop, Mac, or desktop.


A tethering app lets you use your Android or iOS phone as a router or surrogate modem. As such, you can browse the internet using your computer, laptop, tablet, or any other device via your phone’s data connection. We have suggested some of the best tethering apps to save you from downloading less-useful types that may not help you bypass your internet carrier’s tethering restrictions.

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