Best Free Fax Online Service Reviews Without Any Credit

The process of sending a fax should not make you sweat anymore and you do not need a fax machine to do that. Some years ago, people had to pay to use fax machines. And their problems did not end there. Most of them spent their valuable time figuring out how to load their documents into the machine and how to send. After that, they had to sit waiting for a phone call to confirm that the person on the other end had received the fax and the pages are readable.

Otherwise, they would have to drive back to the place and repeat the whole process in addition to paying another amount. Even though computer printers have replaced the old school machine, best free fax online are another good choice because they do not need machines. They provide you with a fax number that you can use to send and receive fax through your email or web portal. So, which are the bestfreefax online?

We have done the research and grouped the top free fax. Here they are.

  1. FaxZero

FaxZero is another great free fax programs that you can use to send faxes on a daily basis. The free option is only available for people sending faxes to Canadian and US numbers and the faxes that feature the branding of Faxzero on the cover page. If the branding does not sound good or you would not want such a thing, then you will have to spend $1.99 per every fax that you send to Canadian and the US numbers.

The fax offer does not work for international numbers, which have different charges depending on the target destination. For international numbers, the minimum amount of money to expect is $3.63 for the European territories. The only accept payment in PayPal and they never offer full refund for a failed fax. Even though the fax service is simple to use, the SSL and HTTPS encryption are basic. Apart from that, the service is more reliable to use.

  1. GotFreeFax

GotFreeFax allows you to send two documents per day and limits you to three pages per every upload. That is a generous plan that the low subscription prices have made better for people who want to send more pages or documents. If you like most other people, GotFreeFax is the free online fax service to choose.

As we have already said, it has limited capabilities but you will manage to send at least two faxes in a day. You can opt for the premium features such as the more pages per fax. You do not also require a fax number to benefit from the service. And if you need something that is very basic or straightforward, you will enjoy using it.

  1. eFax Free

eFax Free is another unique free efax services that allows the customers to receive faxes at no cost. You can receive ten faxes through your email each month without spending a single coin. They will store each faxed document on their message center for 30 days and the users can use the eFax mobile application to retrieve them.

After signing up, they will provide you with a random number that you can forward to any person who wants to send you documents. Their website is easy to use but looks very old. All the features you get in the free tier are free. They limit each file size to 300MB and you cannot send faxes. Moreover, you should not expect an electronic signature.

After you have send an efax free 10 times, they will prompt you to upgrade to their robust paid plans. Apart from the limit of efax free plan, the free efax service is a good choice for people who receive a few documents each month.

  1. HelloFax

HelloFax is among the highly rated free virtual fax services. In fact, some reputable publications like the Wired Magazine, New York Times and Forbes have featured it. The company based in the United States is scalable and can serve the casual single time users and the multinational corporations.

Their products are available in five packages which are the Free Package (comes at no cost, cannot receive faxes, and the user can send only 5 pages), the Home Office Package ($9.99 each month, 300 faxes per month) and the Professional Package ($19.99 each month, 500 faxes per month). Others are the Small Business Package ($39.99 each month, 1000 faxes per month) and Enterprise Package (customizable to match the user’s needs). The company assigns each package a number from the UK, US or Canada.

Users from other countries can also open accounts except those in the countries that the United States government has sanctioned. After you have exhausted your package allocation, they will allow you to continue using the service for $0.99 per every fax you send. Another great benefit of this free fax servers is that they allow users to integrate their fax number with Google drive so that they can send documents directly from the cloud storage.

  1. Fax.Plus

The Swiss-based online fax company, Fax.Plus, offers services to customers in all parts of the world. The company has many illustrious clients such as HP, Uber, Harvard University and Chilli’s. Due to their military-grade encryption in addition to the reliability of their services, they have been a top choice for many large and medium level organizations. After you have created your account, you will be able to use it on any internet-enabled device – personal computer, smartphone or tablet.

The company provides fax numbers from over 42 countries and you will have the option of keeping your current fax number. If you prefer paid services, you can choose one of their five payment plans. The payment plans include the Free Plan (10 free faxes, $0.20 per fax after the ten) and the basic plan ($4.99 every month for 100 faxes, $0.10 per every page after the first 100 free faxes per month). The others include the Premium Plan ($9.99 per month for 300 free faxes and $0.05 per every fax after the 300), the Enterprise Plan ($49.99 per every month for the first 3000 free faxes and $0.03 per every fax after the 3000).

If you are interested in the free package, the company will provide you with a disposable fax number that remains valid for 24 hours each time you send a fax. With the business or enterprise plan, you will be able to maintain over two fax numbers on one account. They accept payment through MasterCard and Visa. They do not offer free fax online no trial on their paid plans.


Whether you are a private user or a business owner, the above free fax website services will be of great benefit. If the digital fax service free do not meet your expectations, you can always search for more. They should give you a good starting point.

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