Best Fake Receipt Maker Tools For Free That Work Efficiently

Are you looking for a fake receipt to prank your friends or replace an original lost one? If yes, you need a fake receipt maker. Just as the name implies, this online tool lets you generate a fake copy that looks like the original gas, cab, invoice, or grocery receipts. As well, you can use the receipt making web program to craft a custom receipt or invoice for your business needs.

While the internet has several receipts making tools, finding an effective one can be quite challenging.  Why? Some are easy to use, free to access, and they make a fake copy that looks like the original.  Others are cumbersome to use, and they may not produce an original-like copy.

For that reason, we have scrutinized top fake receipt generators that you would want try out. Our recommendations are easy to use, and they have templates that look like the standard receipts used out there.

Best fake receipt generators to try out


Invoicely lets you generate customized online invoice receipts for your business needs. Furthermore, you can use this web-based program to create an online copy to prank your loved ones or replace a misplaced or lost invoice.

How do you create an invoice using Invoicely? Invoicely receipt maker has a template that looks like the standard invoices used in many small to large businesses. If you want a customized invoice, you just update the information in that template to match your needs.

After updating the information, you can email the invoice to the person you want. This free online invoice generator lets you send an unlimited number of invoices. Moreover, you can use Invoicely to send recurring invoices automatically.

Invoice Generator

Invoice Generator is another excellent web program that you can use to create custom made or fake invoices. This web program is free to use, and you don’t need to submit your personal information to start making receipts using this tool.

Invoice Generator has an attractive invoice template that lets you create an unlimited number of custom invoices using your browser. You can make the invoice to look more real by adding a logo onto the receipt.

You can send the customized invoices directly to your preferred recipient or download them in the pdf format. The platform is mobile phone and computer friendly.


ExpressExpense is a multipurpose tool for making all sorts of business receipts. You can use the tool to create a custom logo receipt, itemized receipt, taxi receipt, parking receipt, restaurant receipt, gas receipt, pharmacy receipt, or a grocery receipt.

The hotel receipt generator has hundreds of templates to help you choose one that favors you the most.  Each template has a section where you fill the essential pieces of information you wish to reflect on your receipt. After filling the data, you click on “make receipt” to download or send the customized receipt.

However, the free receipts have an ExpressExpense watermark which may not be appropriate. If you need a watermark-free receipt, you would need to pay. So, this web program might not be suitable if you need a free fake receipt maker.

Custom Receipt Maker boasts of an easy to navigate website that lets you create a custom receipt within the shortest time possible. Unlike the sites with several confusing templates, has one template that looks like the receipts used in many stores.

This web program has a “make the receipt” section which lets you customize the invoice according to your needs. It calculates total prices automatically to save your time. However, you can only add four items onto the receipt.

Are you looking for a replacement for your lost hotel receipt or an original like fake receipt to prank your friends? If yes, would be your most ideal fake receipt generator. Just as the name implies, this web program lets you create a receipt that looks like the official receipts used in hotel invoicing.

While the site is free to use, you would need to create a user account to generate and save invoices.  The hotel receipt generator is easy to navigate, and it is free of the many templates that might confuse you. You can update the pre-given image on the template t make your fake receipt look like a real one. is a free and safe to access site with several tools and apps that can enhance your productivity. It has an invoice and receipt maker that lets you generate instant invoices for your customers and replacement copies for lost receipts.

Apart from the invoice and receipt maker, you can use to create complaint forms, business agreements, and expense reports. Furthermore, you can use this free online tool to make promissory notes and at-will employment agreements.

Each document has a template that walks you through the generation process. As such, you do not need any special editing skills to make a receipt, invoice, business license, or any other business document using is another excellent tool for making fake receipts. Besides making a phony receipt, you can use this fake receipt generator with date to create custom or sales receipts, fake business licenses, and gas receipts for your business.

Unlike the hard to use receipt making software, this online tool has a template that guides you through the receipt generation process.

This online tool calculates the total payment due automatically, and it assigns a unique number to each receipt you make.  In fact, you can use it to record your business’ sales. It is an ideal solution for people who cannot afford cash registers. On the downside, this fake receipt can only accept a maximum of five items.

Final Thoughts

Fake online receipt makers let you create receipts to prank your friends or replace a lost one. Moreover, you can use fake receipt makers to generate custom receipts for your business. Have you been looking for an excellent fake receipt maker? If yes, we have suggested some of the best options that you would want to use. Our suggestions are free to use, and they have ready-made templates to make your work easy.

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