Babydow Alternatives & Similar Games Like Babydow

Are you a lover of simulation games? Then with babydow you’re sorted, you are at an advantage to get the game remarkably free to play online. The unique and best experience with the game is that it comes with fascinating gameplay. The game gives you a chance to adopt a baby, and you enjoyably take the role of a mother or father virtually by feeding the baby, clothing, play games with the baby, bathing, and other chores. 

Games like babydow give new couples opportunity for planning to be parents at the right time, they only need to visit the game and play, they will get an experience of its kind, although virtually. They are likely to do all the parental care chores for their children as they grow, just through playing the game.

An excellent opportunity the player will experience is the moment to take photos using camera features and capture the best moments with the young star. As a player, you can select the name of the baby and get to play different games to earn high points that will give a chance to unlock more items in the babydow game.

With its modification of the gameplay, beautiful graphics and user interface integration, BabyDow is among the best games that allows players to enjoy more immensely.

There is an obvious question of, what happened to Babydow games site in the recent past? A simple search online of babydow games will give a list of alternatives, through which, some are pretty much more better, but the answer to babydow happenings is that the owner closed the game back in the year 2014 June. If you’re a lover of simulation games, then you need to get to the alternative platforms available for you online.

Currently, we have the best babydow alternatives online, which allow you to continue enjoying simulation games. Let me give you a snippet of the best 7 Babdow alternatives available for you to create you room to get to Google search and play a simulation game of your choice.

Baby Daycare

It’s one of the best girl’s life simulation games more similar to Babydow. It provides an opportunity for users to play on web Browser, IOS devices, and Android. Busy parents can enjoy doing other chores as the game assumes the role of the baby sitter. The game gives the player an aim to take care of the babies by bathing, feeding and many more. Each time you finish a certain level you earn coins and points for you to buy different goodies for the children.

My Baby 3

If you ever play My Baby 3 game then it is pretty much assured your consistency will make you addicted to it. It allows you becoming a virtual mother or father, making you learn how to take care of the baby. It has a set of levels with different tasks to accomplish, and you get the best experience to look after the kid by feeding, bathing and caring. You enjoy the game free on your Android Device. 

Babysitters Madness

It’s one of the life simulation games that provide you with exciting chores like for instance, doing arts, entry into fashion contests, swimming and many more. You will get to experience the life-simulation, baby care and casual part of it. If you want to enjoy the role of a babysitter, then the game will give the experience of its kind to you.

It has the ability for a single-player mode that gives you a chance to multiple kids to take care by feeding, bathing and playing, to ensure they don’t cry.

Super Mom

The experience you gain from Super Mom virtual game is super cool. You will get to take care of the kid by just feeding the baby, bathing the baby, and even changing diapers and ensures they don’t cry. Ensure the kids are looking good at all times by putting them on fashionable clothing. A mom who loves fun will engage herself to the game and enjoy playing to get the best experience.

My Baby Sim

My Baby Sim is one of the addictive games we have online for any life simulation game lover. You will get a chance to try out parental care to virtual kids and enhance your parenting skills which include and not limited to bathing, feeding, and play with newborns. After you select the gender and name of the baby, then you’re at liberty to start your game.

The game involves three modes, Game mode, Training, and Fast Forward mode, which the user needs to master to enjoy the game. The best thing about the game is that it works both for IOS users and Android users for them to enjoy playing the game.

My Little Baby

Do you love babies and you will like to enjoy the experience of caring and watching a little kid grow? Then you are in the right place because with My Little Baby game. You will enjoy the lifestyle of caring for young kids. The game will give you a chance for virtual baby care. Once you start playing the game, you may end up being addicted every time your mind thinks of simulation games.

My Baby Care

My Baby Care is one of the best games for childcare skills. It is a Single-player Simulation, fantasy-based casual game. Players who will engage playing the game will play like an expert babysitter who can run stable kindergarten at home. The game involves so many tasks for multiple kids under care which include and not limited to making food for babies, changing nappies, dress up, and playing with kids.

The player must ensure that all the virtual kids involved are equally taken care of, any baby who cries for a long time there is a deduction of life that leads to restarting the game level all over again. It has integrated features that allow players to earn points to purchase items for the kids hence making the game more addictive and enjoyable.


BabyDow is one of the most beautiful games at its time for girls and all other lovers of simulation games like BabyDow. It allowed users to adopt a baby, provide that parental care to the kid and have that moment of joy of being a couple without even the chance for the real baby presenting herself. BabyDow was purely a virtual game which was a one-stop destination for all simulation game lovers, and it created a good bond and networks for many individuals who used to meet up and play the game.

The closer of the game broke many fans’ hearts, but that does not make the end of playing simulation games since we have given you the best alternative games that you enjoy both on your Androids or PCs with best-integrated features. For making a better choice, you need to play them all and settle on one which amazes you with the features that capture your mind for a simulation game.

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