Are iPhone 6 And 7 Screens Interchangeable?

Yes, the screens are interchangeable.

If you’re wondering whether the iPhone 6 and 7 screens are interchangeable, the answer is yes! You can swap out your old iPhone 6 screen for a new iPhone 7 screen without any problems.

How To Turn Your iPhone 6/6S Into an iPhone 7!

Are iPhone 7 And 6 Screens the Same?

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s have the same display size and resolution. However, the iPhone 7 has a wider color gamut than the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 also has a higher contrast ratio and is more energy efficient than its predecessor.

Can I Use an iPhone 7 Parts in iPhone 6?

The iPhone 7 was released in 2016, while the iPhone 6 came out in 2014. While it may be tempting to try and use parts from the newer phone in the older one, it’s not recommended and likely won’t work. The two models use different processors and connect to cellular networks differently, so even if you could get the physical parts to fit, they wouldn’t be compatible with each other.

In short, stick to using parts that are meant for your specific model of iPhone.

Is the iPhone 6S And iPhone 7 Screen the Same Size?

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 both have a 4.7-inch display. However, the iPhone 7’s display is 25 percent brighter than the iPhone 6S and includes wide color gamut support for more vibrant colors. Additionally, the iPhone 7’s display is fully laminated to the cover glass, which reduces reflections and makes images appear sharper.

Will a 6S Screen Work on a 7?

If you have an iPhone 6s, you may be wondering if you can use its screen on the newer iPhone 7. The good news is that the screens are compatible and you can indeed swap them out. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, the iPhone 7’s screen is slightly larger than the 6s. As a result, your 6s screen will have black borders when used on the 7. Second, the home button on the 7 is not physical like it is on the 6s (and earlier iPhones).

Instead, it’s a capacitive button that’s integrated into the display. This means that your 6s screen will have a blank space where the home button should be. Overall, though, using a 6s screen on a 7 is perfectly fine.

If you need to replace your cracked or broken 7 screen, feel free to use one from a 6s.

Are Iphone 6 And 7 Screens Interchangeable?

Are iPhone 6 And 8 Screens Interchangeable?

The iPhone 6 and 8 screens are not interchangeable. The 6 has a 4.7-inch screen and the 8 has a 5.5-inch screen. While the resolution is the same on both models, the pixel density is higher on the 8 due to its larger screen size.

Are iPhone 6 Plus And 7 Plus Screens Interchangeable?

If you’re wondering whether the iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus screens are interchangeable, the answer is yes! You can swapping out your old iPhone 6 Plus screen for a new one with no problems. The process is pretty straightforward: just remove the old screen and replace it with the new one.

Make sure to power off your phone before starting, and be careful not to damage any of the delicate components inside. Once you have the new screen in place, boot up your phone and check that everything looks normal. If everything appears to be working correctly, then you’re all set!

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a newer iPhone model, this may be a good option for you if you want to keep your old phone but don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling it or giving it away. Just remember that you’ll need to get a new screen protector for your new iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Screen

The iPhone 7’s screen is 4.7 inches, just like the iPhone 6s. But there are some big changes under the hood. The biggest one is that the iPhone 7 now uses an LCD display instead of an OLED display.

This means that the blacks on the iPhone 7’s screen aren’t as deep as they are on OLED screens, and the overall color gamut isn’t as wide. But there are some advantages to using LCD over OLED. For one, it’s cheaper to produce, so Apple can keep costs down while still offering a high-quality display.

Second, it’s more power efficient, so your battery will last longer when you’re using your iPhone 7 than it would with an OLED display. If you’re looking for a new iPhone with a great screen, the iPhone 7 is a great option.


If you’re trying to decide whether to purchase an iPhone 6 or 7, you may be wondering if the screens are interchangeable. The answer is yes! You can use an iPhone 6 screen on an iPhone 7, and vice versa.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the home button on each phone is different. Second, the LCDs are not identical – the iPhone 7 has a wider color gamut than the iPhone 6.

Finally, the digitizer (the layer that senses touch) is also slightly different between the two models.

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