Amabrush Review: First Automatic Hands-Free Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is important. The process involves scrubbing, squeezing, spitting, gargling and flossing each morning and evening. Most people hate brushing the teeth and they would want to avoid the process when possible.

By brushing the teeth at least two times a day, you will be able to maintain good dental health. That is why a new product has entered the market – the Amabrush. The new product has a goal of making the toothbrushing task quick, automatic and efficient so that the user can have more time to do the relevant things in his/her life.

The Amabrush might not be better than the regular toothbrushes. The regular toothbrushes, which include electric and manual, are simply tools, which are as effective as the people using them. However, most people use them the wrong way or do not use them at all.

To brush your teeth the right way, you should hold your toothbrush like a pencil to keep the pressure as light as possible. Ensure that you are using a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid damaging your gums. Wiggle the toothbrush with subtle vibrations and avoid using long strokes.

The Ama brush maintains light pressure against the teeth while the subtle vibrations move the bristles to remove the plague and to leave the user’s gums undamaged. Amabrush is a great choice for individuals who brush their teeth each morning and evening just because they have to do that.

Amabrush dentist review covers every recommended method. For example, the manufacturer aligns the bristles at a 45 degrees angle against the user’s gum line. They are also soft enough so that they can rub instead of scratching.

The holding of electric toothbrushes is different from that of the manual toothbrushes and they do not require you to stroke. The manufacturer creates them in a way that requires the users to hold them in place solely so that the bristle’s micro vibrations can do the wiggling job.

The key features of Amabrush:

With around 90 percent of gum and dental diseases resulting from poor teeth brushing techniques, it is the time you accept automatic tooth brushing. Amabrush comes as a three-piece brushing system that will clean your teeth in less than 10 seconds. Here are our main features of the automatic ama brush review.

The brushing technology

To start cleaning your teeth, you just need to clamp the Amabrush between your teeth and the motor will start working its magic. By cleaning your teeth for only 10 seconds you will be guaranteed of thorough cleaning that most toothbrushes – both electric and manual will never achieve.

The Amabrush does an excellent job of removing the plaque without compromising the gums because it employs lighter but more effective cleaning pressure. The involved technique is everything with teeth brushing. More than needed pressure will cause gum damages and longer strokes will not get between the hard to reach teeth. The Amabrush cleaning technology allows micro-vibrations for the bristles to do the cleaning job properly.

The manufacturer equips the Ama brush smart toothbrush with an anti-bacterial silicone mouthpiece that offers soft bristles for effective cleaning. The Amabrush is capable of killing around 99.9 percent of the bacteria in your mouth while cleaning the teeth gently.

The intelligent design features

The Amabrush comes with a handpiece, which functions as the motor, a silicone mouthpiece, and toothpaste capsules. The manufacturer has designed the smart toothbrush for holding in place during the tooth cleaning operation and it will clean all teeth at once. To end the tooth cleaning process after 8 seconds, you will just need to spit out the toothpaste foam and rinse your mouthpiece.


The manufacturer made the smart toothbrush with an aim of making the tooth-brushing task automatic, quick and efficient. The product features a motor that you will attach to the mouthpiece magnetically.

Whether you are planning to use a single or many vibration modes – whitening mode, gum massage, and burst mode–, configure the cleaning times or even reorder the mouthpiece, the mobile application that is available with both Android and iOS devices will come in handy. Put differently, you should expect the best cleaning experience with this device. And because a smart device would be not helpful without a smartphone app, the Amabrush comes with one.

If you are planning to spend some nights in your friend’s house, the Amabrush smart toothbrush will make you a lucky person – its mouthpiece is compatible with your friend’s Amabrush motor and will, therefore, bring the cleaning experience you require. The motor can last for more than one month on only one charge and that feature alone makes it a perfect choice for travelers.

The different maker

The manufacturer equips it with micro-channels and arranges them with rows of bristles at 45 degrees angles. The toothbrush can fit any jaw and will spit an exact amount of toothpaste for every brush. With the pre-loaded capsules, you will only need to replace the mouthpiece after every 3-6 months.

The mouthpiece offers real magic and is the primary component that separates the Amabrush from the other smart toothbrushes in the market today. The manufacturer uses flexible anti-bacterial silicone to make the toothbrush.


  • Innovative features
  • Provides multiple cleaning modes
  • Offers a magnetic mouthpiece
  • Comes with a built-in toothpaste dispenser
  • Comes with a timed battery
  • Offers longer battery life


  • The automatic toothbrush is not effective in tooth cleaning
  • It comes with a large and uncomfortable mouthpiece
  • The toothpaste dispensing feature is poor
  • Does not offer a feature to display the battery status
  • You should expect delays from powering when the tooth cleaning starts


Dentists from all over the world have recommended cleaning of the teeth twice in a day and the Amabrush allows you to do exactly that. It is a good option for people who would want to maintain good breath and shiny teeth throughout the day.

If you are not familiar with the crowdfunding platforms, they are the social platforms that allow the public to support ideas and provide the creators with the power they need to release their products or services. The Amabrush came as a result of the heavily popular crowdfunding campaign that originally appeared on Kickstarter, and raised €3,195,516, around 6000 percent over the €5000 target amount.

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