ADATAPower Bank D8000L Review: A Shiny Led Light With Weather-Resistant

At times, your phone will run out of power and you will not have access to an electrical power outlet for charging. A quality power bank like the ADATA Power Bank D8000L will come in handy in such situations. The device will provide you with the charge you require to keep your tablet or smartphone running, particularly in emergencies. It is highly portable and therefore ideal for individuals who travel a lot.

ADATA D8000L Specs & Feature

adata power bank d8000l 8000 mah
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Offers more power for mobile devices

ADATA power Bank will top up your empty mobile battery up to around 3 times full. With that, you can charge your smartphone at comfortable zones. If you have a larger device, such as a tablet, you will enjoy the results. The multifaceted capability is among the important features you should look for when purchasing a power bank for your devices.

Dust proof and waterproof

The product will never miss in the list of lightweight power products that you can use in unfavourable conditions. The manufacturer ensured that it could protect itself from water drops and dust, known to damage devices, effectively.

In other words, you will move normally without worrying about weather conditions related damages to the device when walking on near a lake, ocean or climbing a mountain. The manufacturer has fully guaranteed the safety of this device. The first thing to notice after receiving the power bank is that the manufacturer has firmly closed the port covers.

Highly portable & long-lasting power capacity

Due to its lightweight and small size, the power bank is highly portable. The manufacturer spent more time to ensure the accommodating size, the lightweight and the high capacity, which makes it possible to carry the device anywhere. It has a perfect shape, meaning that you will not have any problems packing it for travel.

The ADATA power bank d8000l 8000 mah is powerful and super long lasting. In fact, the manufacturer uses special premium power cells that boast custom circuitry. The quality capacitors will store charge for a longer period. Moreover, the fire- and impact resistant cover will keep it safe. With the shell feature, you will spend more time with your family and friends watching movies, listening to music or sharing your photos online because a power outage will never affect your life.

Multi-circuit protection

The manufacturer creates the ADATA Power bank in a unique way and safety is their first priority. Its brilliant circuit design prevents chances of overheating, overcharge over current, over-discharge, over voltage or short-circuiting. With the gadget, you will never worry about the safety of your mobile device because the manufacturer of this power bank has guaranteed it.

Time Saver

After buying this power bank, you will never worry about queuing to charge your smartphone. It allows you to charge several mobile devices at a go, thanks to the multiple or dual USB ports. Each person in your family is safe with the device because they will remain connected and updated on any new events. You will share stuff and chat without worrying about a power outage.

Great mounting point & Stronger surface

The manufacturer designs this product with an integrated mounting point, which allows the user to hang the device on a tent, hook it on his/her clothing or secure it with a string, sling or hook. It is ideal for mountain outings and therefore minimizes bulky travelling. The feature allows for easier packaging and easier carrying.

The strong surface will protect this power bank from accidental breakages or damages. The strong plastic is unsusceptible to damages and breakages. With the special plastic combination, you should expect durability.

Good lighting power

adata power bank d8000l
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To provide great lighting, the manufacturer had to use special bulbs when building the device. They use higher quality LED lights, which are powerful, friendly and cover longer distances, in the production. That means you can use the device as your camping light. The power lasts for many hours without power reducing. You can adjust the power depending on your needs.

Comes in several colours

The 8000 mah power bank comes in a variety of colours and you will have a chance of selecting one depending on your tastes and preferences. The manufacturer assures you of getting the perfect colour depending on your taste. The manufacturer designs it to match the needs of most people. To perfect it, they provided the power banks in many colours.


  • Comes with a modern ergonomic design
  • The manufacturer uses aluminium to make its casing
  • The manufacturer offers several attractive metallic colours to match your needs
  • It offers a USB-A and USB-C port
  • Comes with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port
  • It provides enough battery to power 3-4 smartphones at the same time


  • The manufacturer does not offer a USB-C cable
  • The pointy edges might be problematic in various situations
  • It does not have an Apple Lightning Cable port

Using the power bank

Use the supplied cable to charge the power bank. You can connect it to your home charger and then plug it into a power outlet socket. And because it will take a longer time before the power bank fully recharges – due to the large capacity -, you will have to go for tablet adapters with 2A or 2.4A. That way, you will recharge the power bank faster and use it when necessary.

The product functions as a flashlight too and comes with 4 LED lighting modes.  You just need to press and hold the button for around 2 seconds to switch on the in-built flashlight. By pressing the button faster, you will be able to switch between the offered flashlight modes. The product remembers the mode you used last and therefore, there will be no need of doing a reset each time.

What to expect in the box

  • A Charger
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB Cable


You can use the ADATA Power Bank to charge various devices. The power bank has a great capacity, which means that you can charge your smartphone, TomTom, PlayStation Portable or Nintendo. If you want to charge a tablet, the power bank will provide you with good results too. Tablets come with batteries of higher capacity and you require more mA to charge them.

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